Sally Hansen Vita C Lip Plumper review

Winter is coming up, and we all know what that means..dry lips. So, I started to stock up moisturizers and  lip treatments. One I have been good the chance to test out is the Sally Hansen Vita C lip plumper.

The brand claims to be a vitamin filled lip treatment plumps thin lips. Actually, I didn't C any plumping effect to my lips, even after 2 weeks of application. However, it treated my lip well since it is filled with Vitamin C nutrient, yet is not that moisturizing. As a regular lip balm, its quite nice. It gives a rich shine finish to your lips.

A good plus to this product, you know how obsessed I am with products scents. This one has a great smell of tangerine that it gives me a refreshing summer/tropical feeling, which I like.

So, to those who are looking for a lip plumping effect, I think you should look else where, coz this one won't do. I believe, to Sally Hansen, this has been a disappointment, in comparison to their other products. Its their brand promise that has laid me down.

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