DIY: Home Made Sugar Body scrub

During my long Eid holidays, I spoiled myself well, with plenty of pampering. 

Dry skin is a common issue among residents of Dubai. And we go that extra mile to keep our body moisturized and clean of dead cells. So here is a quick DIY to make your own sugar body scrub. Effective and easy. 
·       Household sugar (fine)
·       Oil (I prefer olive oil. You may use any other oil of preference) 
·       Jojoba Oil (not mandatory. But I love it for its skincare benefits)
·       Essential oil of choice for fragrance 
·       Mint and lemon 

For every portion of Sugar use half the quantity of oil. This is the ratio to maintain. Mix all the above ingredients well in a container. And then move the same into a glass or plastic container for usage.

The sugar particles will surely settle at the bottom. No worries. Each time before use, mix the content well with a spoon or finger.

Hope you guys enjoy the scrub. Let me know
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The post & photos are by Fatma Aziz.
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