Bourjois Gold is back for Halloween

For Halloween, Bourjois has released 5 shades for their 1 Seconde nail polish, 2 basic shades, and 3 top coat finish shades:

Basic shades are:
Monster Blood: Black shade with green & gold shimmer & pearls particles.

Dangerous Wish: Black shade with gold shimmer, gold holographic glitter and gold sequins.

Top Coat shades are:
Ghost Lovers: Transparent polish with gold metallic powder effect.

Vampire Vanity: Transparent polish with gold leaf effect.

Enchanting Potion: Transparent polish with gold sequins effect.

I had all shades except the Enchanting Potion, so I thought why not mix and match to make nail blending artful effect.

So I applied Monster blood as a base and added a coat of Vampire Vanity on top.

Did you like it? which of the shades are going to apply for Halloween?

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