BOURJOIS Fabulous Tattoos

Fashion alert!
Now more than ever, beauty accessories like skin jewellery, temporary tattoos and false lashes are taking centre stage on the fashion and beauty scene: they are THE detail that makes all the difference.

For spring 2013, Bourjois is accessorising to the max with the launch of Faux & Fabulous, a range of hip and glamorous accessories: extravagant or subtle or rock or romantic temporary tattoos... You won’t be able to resist these new partners in beauty.

4 styles, 4 silhouettes, with stunning make-up results
Urban Chic for a very natural street style,
Rock it Baby to create a sensation with any look,
Chic Mademoiselle to play with subtleties,

and Miss Couture for a touch of extravagance.
I found them really easy to apply and easy to remove (as if I would want to remove those beauties, if only they had permanent ones!). Each one defines a character and style, so whichever your style you will find a tattoo package that would suit your taste.

All Swatches from Urban Chic collection

Do you like those easy to apply tattoos? which Style are you going to try?

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