An Interview with an uprising fashion blogger Nour Abouleila

Nour Abou Leila, a name that hit the sky in the Fashion blogging arena. Since the Egyptian society is not much familiar with the blogging concept, she managed to shoot the stars in a very short while with launching her own personal style fashion blog, Love by N. The Vanity was lucky enough to interview her.

Tell us about Love by N?
Its a personal style fashion blog in which i collaborate with international brands by wearing and modeling their products. 
How did it start?
 It started as a result of my endless love for fashion and travel.
What inspires you to blog? 
 My inspiration comes from my travels since i was a child i have been travelling and exposed to different cultures which led me to learning about and appreciating fashion and style.
Who motivates and supports you?
It started out of my boundless love for fashion, I'm a shopaholic!
How often do you post? 
I started by posting once a week but I'm overbooked with brand work now which is leading me to posting from 3 to 5 times a week.
Which Social Media platforms do you use, & Which do you prefer? 
I'm on instagram which is my favorite. 'm also on tumblr, pinterest, twitter, facebook, google plus and bloglovin.
Tell us about your style? 
From my outfits you can see i like to change my style often. My favorite style is casual and denim wear.

Who is your style icon? 
I have many, Karl Lagerfeld is the best in my eyes!
What are your favorite fashion items that you can’t live without? 
My orange Birkin bag :)
Favourite fashion trend for F/W 2013? 
The new chanel backpack!
Favourite womenswear brand of the moment? 
Elisabetta Franchi ..I love her!
Favourite accessories brand of the moment?
Always Vintage :) I'm a vintage lover!
Favourite Shoes brand of the moment?
Loubys :)
Plans for the Future?
Blogger forever :)
If you could be stuck in an elevator with anyone, who would it be?
Karl :)

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