Aldo, my Passion (a fashion haul)

As a typical shopping addict, I cannot just go to the mall and do not pass by each and every favorite brands outlets.

Passing by Aldo, Lucky me, I found that it had an up-to-70% sale, so I couldn't help myself but to spree, and bought this haul.

The Ballerina is in a teal shade embellished with crystals in a non-proportionate sizes. Lucky enough I found my size 37 and 37.5 to be the last pieces. It cost me 190 L.E.

The other piece I got is the Bea-u-ti-ful two pair of flower earrings. This reminded me of the Marc Jacobs Fragrances logo, which I'm quite a fan of. So, I couldn't resist but grab those babies. Those I got for 35 L.E
And of course, you cannot enter Aldo without buying a bag, a purse to be specific. There were several purses on sale, but I picked a color that would work in the fall season, purple. I couldn't believe it when I found that this beauty costs 90 LE!!

Last, but not least, the famous trendy collar necklace.
Spiked on a metal band and adjustable lock. Picked up for 35 L.E! Can you imagine the prices. I wouldn't have got any of those even if I was heading to Aldo meaning to purchase on sale time. It is always that luck is on my side.

Which item you liked the most and would purchase yourself?

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2 comments on Aldo, my Passion (a fashion haul)

  1. These are all absolutely beautiful! :)


    1. Thanks, I loved them at first sight as well :)) thanks for following my blog <3


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