What's In My Make Up Bag-September

I love reading and writing posts on this subject, It’s a girl thing! We love to find out what our friends make up bag carry. It just helps us discover new products plus it simply is fun...agree??

So let the fun begin..here is a sneak peek into my bag

My bag is from Kipling. Looks very compact but it can house a lot.

Blush - I carry one blush always. And the one I most reach out to is, Chanel's Pink Explosion. A gorgeous pink with a little glitter. Perfect

Eyeliner – My eyeliner is from Mac. This pot will last you forever and it is my fav. I also carry a real techniques liner brush to apply or retouch the same.

Kohl by Maybelline. Jet black in color. Just my type.

Lipstick - By default all of us carry more than one. I carry 3. Mac’s Speaklouder, Fast Play and Chanel's Rouge Coco in 25

Mascara here again I carry more than one. For a light, more 'real' effect I use LancĂ´me and for a more dramatic look I use Benefits, They’re Real.

Highlighter Mac's highlighter cream in Pearl. This product is holy grail to me. Perhaps one of the best highlighters available.

Sally Hansen lip balm - a lip balm is a must have. Especially in a hot country like Dubai. The product is praise worthy because it does a fantastic job.

Perfume – I carry a small travel size bottle of 212 VIP. You never know, when it comes in handy!!

There you go. That’s all the stuff I bag. Let me know what you carry around. Cheers!

This article was written and photos by Fatma 
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