Volume Glamour Max holidays mascara by Bourjois

You know that you own the right mascara when your eyes look good without having to apply an eye liner. Once I receive compliments, I know this product is right for me, and gosh I have received many wearing the Volume glamour Max mascara by Bourjois has joined my line up of good mascaras I own, and I do not like many.

This mascara separates my lashes, which adds more volume to lashes I didn't know they existed. It doesn't feel sticky while wearing it on and neither does it give my lashes that stiff feeling that usually mascaras gives your lashes which gives you a more natural feeling and consequently and more natural looking. It both lengthens and volumes your lashes and reaches the smallest lashes you have because of its dense bristles and thick brush.

Its very affordable, they even provided two sizes for the product. In Egypt, the small (on the go) on costs 54 LE and the bigger one costs about 109 LE available in Ezaby pharmacy, Seif Stores, Mazaya & Face.

The only down side to it is that I love the black shade in mascaras to be dramatical dark black, while this one tends to be more on the natural side black (which I don't minds Its just my preference).

Available in 4 shades: Black, Blue, Purple, Teal

Before (no effects or filter, photo taken in sunlight)

After (no effects or filter, photo taken in sunlight)

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