Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons

First, we have witnessed the birth of the chubby stick from Clinique, next came Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable balm stains and a few other imitations featured from other brands, but now Bourjois has released its own version of this popular jumbo lipstick - the Colour Boost lip crayon.

Bourjois has released four shades from the crayon, from red, fuchsia through to coral and peach, all are completely glossy yet good pigmented in comparison to the other chubby lipsticks, and gives your lips a great finish. 

I got to test out two shades, the Orange Punch, and the Fuschia Libre. I thought I was going to love "Fuschia Libra" the most, since I tend more to like pink shades on my lips than orange-ish ones (excluding corals of course which suits EVERYONE!) , but "Orange Punch" has won me over with its juicy, tropical colour and gorgeous shine.

Fuschia Libra Shade Swatch in sunlight (noon)

Orange Punch Shade Swatch in sunlight (afternoon)

The Pigmentation as I have mentioned is good, yet I thought it could be better. I had to swipe it over my lips 4-5 times until it became quite opaque on my lips. The texture is smooth, easy to apply, moisturizing and doesn't feel sticky like some lip glosses (since it gives the same shine as glosses).

Staying power is good in comparison to other lip glosses/chubby lipsticks. It lasted 3 hours with eating and drinking.

Another plus is it has an SPF15 protection :)

Which Shade will you be checking up from these new lip crayons from Bourjois?

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