The Piece of Accessory I Cannot Live Without

If I had to choose one accessory of mine for the rest of the life, I would, without any regret or second thoughts go for my Guess Watch.

Having a rather slim hand, always kept my love for chained strap watches at bay. I was never comfortable wearing them. But when I came across this one at Guess showroom, I was in love. I loved how it looked on my hands. Plus somehow it always enhances my look.

Be it a party, meeting or a casual date. You will never spot me without this baby. I feel incomplete without it. It has been my soul partner for almost 2 years now and still running good!!

Costs US$109. Worth every penny.

Will I ever replace it?? I don’t think so. Not at least in near future.  So far I haven’t come across any other watch that suits me the way this does.

What is your staple accessory?

This article was written and photos by Fatma 
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