Rimmel London 1000 kisses Transfer-proof Lip Tint and Balm- lip stain review

I'm very obsessed these days with the lip stains trend, its the to-go look for a natural look in summer or on the beach without looking you are trying hard.

I have tried several and few of them are my favorites, one of them is this one.

Recently, I got the chance to test out Rimmel London's 1000 Kisses lip stain in 210 Everlasting Mauve. My first impression is OMG I totally love lip tint/stains, and.. wow it smells amazing. It is in a nice plastic packaging that makes it a perfect companion while traveling, and at the bottom it has this balm which you can apply on after applying the tint.

After trying several times and testing this what I have come out with:

* Smell is amazing, Peach-like (each according to color)
* Color is really nice, almost plum, which is a purple-red shade
* Staying power is so weak that it only lasted one hour on my lips, barely!
* Dries out my lips, with or without the balm.
* Balm alone on its own is quiet sticky, but a bit moisturizing.
* No indication on the lip tint that there is a lip balm at the bottom nob, I had no idea and found out by chance !!
* After applying, tint leaves little flakes of color on my lips. (Eww!)

Swatch of bare lips                                                                                        Swatch with Rimmel's Lip tint

Not much of a favorite product I believe Rimmel could do far better than this.

Do you have this product? Did you like it?

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2 comments on Rimmel London 1000 kisses Transfer-proof Lip Tint and Balm- lip stain review

  1. cropping ur nose from the swatches pictures would have been a good idea

    1. Great idea, Thanks for the tip. I will defo do so on the next post :)


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