Maybelline New York Nail polish review

My Beautiful, fashion diva, best friend, Reem, traveled last month to the U.S. to visit her sis. Before she traveled like I would do with whoever traveling to somewhere I have visited before, she asked me for the one thing I excel in, SHOPPING!

Her questions mainly about the best makeup department store and outlets, and the must have products she must buy. She did some good deal of makeup shopping and even bought products I have not tried before that she made me so eager to buy.

As a beautiful, generous, gesture from her, she got me a bag of goodies, and one of the products I absolutely loved is the Maybelline New York Color Show Nail polish, and the shade she got me is Pretty in Polka 85.

Its an almost transparent shade of pink as a base and has very fashionable and chic dots particles in black and white. It is very arty that you get to control how much of the polka dots you add on a single nail. This is a quick solution for those trendy girls out there who are always on the go and want to have fashionable nails but do not have time to draw dots on their nails.

The only thing I hated about is removing it, a hassle! No matter how much nail polish remover I add on the cotton buds, those dots won't come off. I had to scratch them off my nails to remove them.

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