Lotion Bar DIY

I love to indulge in tiny little DIY projects occasionally. Most often it is the process that excites me than the end product. So here is a quick DIY for all you lovelies out there.

Lotion Bar is body butter in solid form. You may use them after a shower or at night or whenever you feel like. You can even slip one into your bag!

To make a batch, perhaps 5 small bars you will need the following:


Beeswax 3 oz
Shea butter 3 oz
Sweet almond oil (5 drops)
Coconut oil (5 drops)
                                                  Jojoba oil (5 drops)
Any essential oil (based on the intensity of fragrance you prefer)

Melt the beeswax in a double boiler under medium flame. Then, add Shea butter. Then stir stir stir stir patiently.

Once done, take the mixture off the flame and add your choice of oils. Stir and immediately pour into silicon moulds.

The bars require an hour to set. That’s it. Your very own lotion bars are ready to be used.

Let me know if you guys managed to make some ;)

This post has been written by Fatma.
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