Indulgence white- What to do at home during the curfew

Since we are all stuck at home after 9pm doing nothing but eating and watching TV, I have got something useful for you to do during the curfew for all of you bellas out there.

Indulgence white! Yes

Have you ever whitened before to only realize that a few months later the stain is back?  Do you have sensitivity from strips?  Is professional teeth whitening too expensive and time-consuming for you?
Their solution to common problems encountered with traditional whitening methods is Their easy to use Indulgence Whitening Pen.  Just click, paint-on, and smile your way to a whiter smile.
You can discreetly carry and use Indulgence Whitening pen anywhere.

Their research has shown that dosages of whitening on a continual basis is a much more efficient way to whiten teeth versus having very strong amounts of whitening every 1-2 months from the dentist.  Over the counter whitening strips can be uncontrollable, which often result in prolonged sensitivity.
Their Special Formulation:
  • Reacts with your saliva
  • Stays on the teeth only
  • Tastes great
  • Causes no sensitivity
  • Professional strength
  • No mess, no trays, no strips
  • Certified by a Panel of Dentists
Their formula contains carbamide peroxide as an active ingredient.  The carbamide peroxide combines with naturally occurring enzymes in your saliva to activate and, through a process of oxidation, removes the stain from your teeth.
Plus, you can choose how to whiten.  Their gel is strong and stable enough to produce whitening results by placing it on your teeth, right before bedtime, for 7-10 days.  However, if you are interested in more immediate results, you can easily use with your own whitening tray!  With this method, you will see SIGNIFICANT results in 2-3 days!

4 Steps to a Whiter Smile

Indulgence Whitening Pen and Activation Light

Step 1: Brush and floss teeth to remove buildup.  Thoroughly DRY your teeth using a cloth or tissue.

Step 2: Twist pen bring gel to brush bristles.  If using for first time, it will take several twists before you see the gel.

Step 3: Paint gel on teeth.  Be sure to thoroughly cover upper and lower front teeth.  Do not allow gel to get on gums.

Step 4: Turn on light by pressing white button.  Place your lips over clear plastic mouthpiece.  Leave in for 20-30 minutes.  Repeat these steps 3 times.

 Keep These In Mind When Using Their Gel
Here are some important items to keep in mind when using Indulgence Whitening Pens
  • Wipe away the access gel that may be exposed to the gums
  • Repeat process daily until desired results are accomplished
  • If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use for 2-4 days
  • Do not use if pregnant or nursing
  • Do not use if you have poor dental health(decayed teeth, exposed roots, gum disease, wear braces, recent oral surgery, jaw problems)
  • If you encounter sensitivity, this will disappear in either of the following circumstances
    • Within a few days after discontinuing usage
    • Decreasing the number of times a day in usage
    • Or increasing the amount of time between whitening
    • Brush teeth with baking soda and a moist toothbrush for 30-60 seconds to decrease sensitivity if it occurs
    • This product does not promise to whiten crowns or other tooth-colored restorations, only natural teeth will whiten
    • The manufacturer and seller accept no responsibility for any usage of this product
It is fine to swallow the product.  The product is made of natural ingredients and is safe for digestion.  Also, it's pretty difficult not too swallow with the 20 minute kit being that it usually causes plenty of salivation.

They recommend about 2-3 brush strokes per tooth.  But enough gel to completely coat the tooth is needed.

Results depend on the amount of stain trapped in your teeth.  For instance, someone who frequently consumes coffee, tea, gutkha, or other staining foods will experience a more noticeable difference than someone with a relatively clean diet.  We recommend using the 20 minute kit 3 times in the row at first.  From there, if needed, begin using the pen alone (without the activation light) 2-3 times a day for 7 days.  

These are Before and After photos of me after 1 use only! I cannot imagine the results I would get after 3 uses. Extreme visible difference and no filter has been used. Photos taken in sunlight. You can see yellow stains has been reduced a lot after a single use.
after 1 use only

They offer $5 worldwide shipping.

You can buy Indulgence White online here.

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