Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick

For summer 2013, the most couture lipstick from Bourjois becomes available in a Shine version, with lots of prettiness in store…

         A new shine in the Rouge Edition range that colours lips in dazzling shades like never before,
·         a innovative texture that provides the comfort of a balm,     housed in super sleek packaging.

“A new generation formula that brings shine, colour and comfort to your lips. An ultra-shine result, thanks to a new  ¼ gloss extract for amazing shine-wrapped colour. The new sensuous formula gives ultimate comfort. Enriched with nourishing mango butter extracts, Shine Edition leaves lips moisturised for up to 10 hrs**.Its rich and melting formula provides cushion comfort and makes application addictive! And the icing on the cake…It’s shiny, coloured packaging makes Shine Edition lipstick a true fashion accessory”

Bourjois formula has a glossy soft finish to its lipstick. With such a soft formula you would expect a little slip and slide but the Shine Edition lipsticks stay put for 2 hours per application without bleeding or clinging to dry areas of the lips. However, I thought it would be better if it could last longer as it didn't have a high staying power. The lipstick is extremely moisturizing that I didn't have to apply a lip balm prior to application. Each lipstick promises radiant, glossy shine with the comfort of a lip balm on application.

8 fresh and vibrant shades, I'm swatching 6 of them

n°20 - 1,2,3 soleil : a vibrant burst of coral, this summer's colour.
n°21 - Rouge making of : an ultra-dense and luminous poppy strawberry red, without pearlescence.
n°23 - Grenade in : a deliciously elegant pomegranate red, without pearlescence, for lips that look good enough to eat!
n°25 - Mauve tabloïd : a pearly, soft and light Burghandy shade for an elegant fall look.
n°26 - Beige démocrachic : easy to wear nude beige, subtly heightened with fine silvery pearlescence for unbelievable shine. Pink Undertones.
       n°27 - Oh my doll : an ultra-fresh, slightly whitened pink speckled with fine silvery pearlescence for babydoll lips! Blue undertones
From Left to right n°20 - 1,2,3 soleil, n°21 - Rouge making of ,n°23 - Grenade in, n°25 - Mauve tabloïd, n°26 - Beige démocrachic, n°27 - Oh my doll 
From Left to right n°20 - 1,2,3 soleil, n°21 - Rouge making of ,n°23 - Grenade in, n°25 - Mauve tabloïd, n°26 - Beige démocrachic, n°27 - Oh my doll 
Swatch in Flash light: From Left to right n°20 - 1,2,3 soleil, n°21 - Rouge making of ,n°23 - Grenade in, n°25 - Mauve tabloïd, n°26 - Beige démocrachic, n°27 - Oh my doll 

Pigmentation is sheer , but buildable, yet not that of the opacity that I like. However, I'm the kind of person who would rather like the buildable layers rather than an extreme opacity that I will try all night to make it lighter and not that dense on my lips. Once applied, it leaves a glossy effect on your lips and  after a few hours it leaves a slight stain to your lips. I highly recommend this product :)

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    1. you have picked my Favs too :D seems like we have the same taste. All of the shades are pretty but these I use on a daily basis.

  2. where did you find these?? I've looked everywhere for 26 and 27! they are so pretty!

    1. Got them from the UAE dear. I'm sorry you didn't find them but I'm sure they are going to restock at your local store soon coz these are best-sellers now :)

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