Agatha Ruiz de la prada- Perfumeria Gal collection lip balm review

My Dad's ultimate best lip balm. Yes, you have read it write, my dad! The thing is my dad travels a lot, from really cold to hot whether and he can get chappy lips easily that it reaches the extent it bleeds. So, after a trip from Spain, he got back with 4 flavors of this goodie: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada lip balm

This is a snapshot of the ones that are left, there is  another one, Violet  I have mistakenly thrown away. The one on the right is an old tin version. From Left to Right: Papaya, Raspberry, Peach

You all know my obsession with Vaseline's lip balm, but this.. this is a whole other issue. It's smell is amazing, whichever the flavor is. It has the same petroleum jelly Vaseline has, but this one, for some reason is very moisturizing, even in the hardest winter days, and it lasts forever. This comes in about six delicious flavors and the little tins are absolutely adorable. 

I personally have tried Peach, Raspberry  Papaya, and Violet, and I love all of them. No matter how many times you apply throughout the day, this tin lasts for a long time :D

This Violeta is the first one I have tried 6 years ago, I'm not sure it is still available or not.

This is the one I'm currently using, and its my favorite of all the collection: Frambuesa

I absolutely love the packaging and their cute designs. Wait till u try the product itself. Better stock up for the coming chappy winter. Which flavor are you gonna try first? :)

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4 comments on Agatha Ruiz de la prada- Perfumeria Gal collection lip balm review

  1. hey!
    well I'm commenting first time
    I was just looking for review of about this lip balm series and I found this post of yours
    and just read you wrote those have not just smell but flavours too?!?!

    1. Hello Dear! Thanks for reading the review. Yes this product has a slight flavor, that it even sticks to my water bottler when I drink from it while I'm having the balm on. It's beautiful and very hydrating. :) Let me know which flavor you are buying

  2. thanks for replying<3
    well I haven't got any of them yet sadly but now I'm about to buy it after reading your review,also comment!
    because I was kind of worried to get cosmetics from the clothing brand (that I never have done in the past)

    Anyways I'm still thinking about which flavour to get,because there's so many,seem so Yum!
    it makes me think about to get all of them haha
    but maybe strawberry or cherry...mmmmmaybe kiwi
    this is too hard Dx

    well your review helped me a lot!really thanks to you
    now I'm like never know what kind of product to get for myself because came to the place that never have lived and so different to where I used to live
    so it's really important to read honest and detailed reviews like this post
    lucky that I found!
    also you dad sounds so cool hehe
    thanks again<3

    1. Wow, Thanks dear that is so sweet of u!. I'm glad my review has been of help to u. I loved the raspberry, tho I haven't tried the cherry or strawberry, maybe u tell me ur opinion when you get them. Yes my dad is so cool that he is the one who introduced me to the makeup world! imagine that!

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