Red Cherry Lashes Haul/review

Lashes has been the new "thing" for a while now. The more, the trendier it is. Lashes has been out in different shapes, sizes and colors too, to suit each person's taste.

Red Cherry Lashes offers a HUGE variety of lashes to suit everyone. They are made of 100% Human Hair, so its cruelty-free :) YAY! And they are natural enough to mingle into your own lashes after applying. These are some of the lashes I got from Red Cherry Lashes.

The ones I have tried on were #1, Long and dense at the roots growing out thin in the end. Those who know me I already have long lashes, a bit dense but I believe I need more density. These lashes gave me the density I needed with length a bit longer than my own natural ones. It didn't irritate or annoy me. When I wore them for my best friend's birthday party everyone complimented them as they looked natural on me, which I care about more :)


Which lashes # you will try out?

You can buy the lashes from those websites:

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