Inspired by Nivea Lip Butters

You'll Need:
Base : Vaseline
Color: lipstick or eye shadow
Oil: vitamin E or almond oil
Scent: flavor oils
small microwavable bowl

How To:
Mix base oil, color and melt.
I've recycled empty lip balm containers for this DIY.
Add flavor oil, mix and pour.In a microwavable bowl, add your base, an oil (I used almond), your color (if desired), and mix together. Melt in 30 seconds increments until thoroughly melted. I think this took about a minute and half to melt. Allow to cool.

Mix in the flavor oil. Since skin can be sensitive to certain essential oils,you can find them at any "3attar". I like adding the flavor oil later, so it won't evaporate, but you can add it when you melt the ingredients. I used a raspberry (you can also find vanilla :)) flavor here, and a liquid blush for color, to mimic the Raspberry Rose of the Nivea Lip Butter.

Pour carefully into container and allow to cool. That's it!

FYI: There is no SPF in these versions.

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