Happy Light by Bourjois

Lights, Camera, Action!
Bourjois launches Happy Light, a new range that lights up the complexion for a radiant effect, without a shadow of imperfection.

To bring you the most luminous of make-up solutions, Bourjois has created
two new serum primers,
a luminous foundation and
a pro-quality concealer…

With these beauty allies, a flawless, radiant complexion – in every light – can be yours.

Happy Light Foundation

With its innovative formula and texture like a second skin, Happy Light Foundation is bound to put a smile on your face! Luminous and perfectly even, no matter what the light, your complexion will be more radiant than ever before.

An extraordinary and innovative formula, thanks to its translucent pigments

Exceptionally fine and pure, the translucent pigments used by Bourjois have been selected for their perfect affinity with the skin.

Their concealing power enhances the radiance of the complexion while concealing its imperfections, without thickness.
Intelligent, they absorb then reflect the light: the complexion takes on a new found radiance.
And, since they blend perfectly with the texture of the skin, they have a 16 hour hold.*

*efficacy test in 30 women

Texture like a second skin

The ultra-fine and soft powders contained in the formula have been specially chosen for their softness and velvety feel.
The texture of Happy Light Foundation is supple and so melting that it fuses with the skin and ensures an undetectable finish, with no masking and without a heavy or oily feel.
Flexible, the foundation becomes one with your facial expressions, without a stiffening feel.

And, it's good for my skin: lets the skin breathe, enriched with an active 8 hour moisturiser**

** efficacy test in 32 women

Makeup result

A beautiful glow brightens the face, without a hint of a blemish. Amazingly natural, the complexion is even, velvety, luminous and flawless.

The women who tested it adored it!*
94% would recommend it!
The complexion is even and luminous in any light => 90% agree
The texture does not stiffen facial expressions => 100% agree
It leaves the skin soft => 100% agree
It leaves the skin moisturised => 90% agree
The finish has no visible lines => 94% agree
The texture is supple on application => 100% agree

* usage test in 31 women

9 light-enhancing shades 
Light skin (Vanille): 50 Porcelaine, 51 Vanille Rosée
Medium skin (Beige): 52 Beige Clair, 53 Beige doré, 54 Beige, 55 Beige rosé
Dark skin (Halé): 56 Hâlé Clair, 57 Hâlé doré, 58 Hâlé ensoleillé


A sleek design, a transparent glass bottle, a coral coloured pump, silver graphics: the Happy Light Foundation pack is in itself the essence of light!

Happy Light Serum Primers

To create a perfect complexion you first need to prep the skin, Bourjois launches Happy Light Serum Primer, a new generation of makeup primer in 2 versions to meet the specific needs of all skin types:

Luminous for normal to dry skin,
Matte for normal to combination skin.

An unrivalled serum texture

With their light, melting serum texture, the Happy Light primers procure an exquisite second-skin sensation. Applied alone or under foundation, they leave the skin feeling supple and plump with a refined texture.

Their two universal shades illuminate all complexions.

Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer

For normal to dry skin, an illuminating, moisturising version.
With its light-as-air texture, Happy Light luminous primer leaves the skin soft, comfortable, moisturised and replumped.
The complexion is immediately illuminated!

And, it's good for my skin: moisturising, non-occlusive, non-comedogenic formula

Happy Light Matte Serum Primer

Specially created for normal to combination skin, Happy Light Matte Serum Primer is also endowed with a treatment serum texture. It leaves the skin feeling velvety and enhances the skin texture: the pores are refined and the complexion is mattified in all lights.

And, it's good for my skin: non-drying, non-occlusive, non-comedogenic formula


Happy Light Ultra-covering Concealer

Luminous concealing, for a gaze more sparkling than ever

Bourjois launches Happy Light Concealer, a compact concealer, for a spectacularly even complexion, in any light!

A make-up artist technique made ultra-easy

Bourjois creates a make-up artist style product available to everyone: the ultra-supple compact texture of Happy Light Concealer enables a targeted application, using a finger or a brush. Multi-action, it conceals dark shadows and blemishes while illuminating.
And even though it's the product with the greatest coverage of the range, Happy Light Concealer knows how to stay undetectable!

A new generation texture

The Concealer also has a new generation texture, sensorial and smooth. Exceptionally light, it blends totally with the skin and stays comfortable the whole day through, without stiffening facial expressions or slipping.

Make-up result

With a single application, the complexion is revitalized and illuminated. Providing maximum coverage yet imperceptible, Happy Light Concealer hides blemishes with total discretion!

The Bourjois advantage: Applied as a primer on the upper eyelid as a base, it enhances the holding power of your eyeshadow!

3 luminous shades for all skin tones
21 Ivoire
22 Beige rosé
23 Beige doré

A streamlined pot

Go-anywhere packaging that you can slip into any handbag: ultra-slim with its own mirror, so practical for touch-ups during the day!


Pretty and practical, the glass mini-packs of Happy Light Serum Primers are easily identified by the colour of the pump: blue-green for matte, coral for luminous. They are  a perfect size for carrying in your make-up bag too.

The Bourjois recipe for a luminous day:
1/ Prepare your skin with Happy Light Matte or Luminous Serum Primer.
2/ Illuminate and unify your complexion with Happy Light Foundation.
3/ Conceal shadows and blemishes with Happy Light Concealer.
4/ Apply a hint of Healthy Glow Cream Blush to your cheekbones…
Radiance personified!

Price List

ü  Happy Light Foundation – 30 ml AED 94                                                               
ü  Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer – 15 ml AED 86
ü  Happy Light Matte Serum Primer – 15ml AED 86                                                
ü  Happy Light Concealer – 2,5 g AED 63

All products in this collection will be available from September 2013.    

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