Brand/Haul of the Month August: Rimmel London

Now, this month has been stressful for me. A lot of post I had planned to write and upload to The Vanity but since I was stuck for 20 days in Sa7el (North Coast) due to the Country's political situation and it wasn't safe to use the highway to get back to Cairo, I was stuck in the North Coast without my lap top and terrible internet connection for more than 20 days! Imagine how would I felt, let alone I'm a beauty blogger!

Anyway, I'm back now safe and sound and trying to collect whatever I have missed in the past days. Almost, a month has passed, and that to any blogger is a huge amount of new and releases I must have missed.

Now, Picking the brand of the month was quite fun for me. This Brand has and will always be my favorite, Rimmel London.

Rimmel London throughout the years has managed to stay one of the top ranked drugstore brands with good quality products, competing with many other products in the market nowadays.

Rimmel was generous enough to send me a package filled with their products to test out and review on my blog, therefore I have decided to pick Rimmel London as the brand of the month.

These are the products I have received in the package and will review in my upcoming posts:

BB Cream ( I have already reviewed here)

Kate Moss Signature Lipstick

60 Seconds Nail Polish

1000 Kisses Lipstain

Exaggerated Eyeliner

Glam Eyes HD eyeshadow palette

Waterproof Gel eyeliner

Which product are you eager to try?

Stay Tuned for upcoming reviews on those products.

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