UNE Cosemtics Haul/ Brand of the Month July

Bourjois has launched this brand in the UAE in MAY 2011. UNE is a natural beauty brand which was originated in France. 

Beauty products are often made out of chemicals, synthetics that sound quite shady. Several of these ingredients could be the cause of your breakouts, or could downright be harmful. This is where UNE Natural Beauty steps in. UNE is a French relatively new brand that distinguishes itself by being 100% natural. UNE also claims their products are like a second skin, offering natural feel and complementing natural features instead of trying to modify them. Recently launched, their products started gaining popularity on the blogosphere and with French consumers quickly.  

I was personally very attracted to their philosophy and was very lucky to get the opportunity to test six of 
 their products.

Matt Minerals Powder Foundation:
I've used powder foundations in the past, but this was my first experience with a mineral powder one. I have to say I instantly fell in love with this product. Living up to the claims, it feels very natural on my skin and completely weightless. It truly does feel like I'm wearing nothing! However, what makes it look (and feel) natural is that the coverage itself is very sheer and light. Used with a good concealer, it does give the 
impression of flawless natural skin.
What I also loved with this foundation is that it doesn't turn "cakey" in the heat. This doesn't mean it will keep you shine-free all day, but it won't form ugly patches or melt away.
The packaging is very unusual but very handy. The slip case is minimal but not demure, which I liked. Nevertheless, since there is a mirror on the front, it could easily break. Thus, I wouldn't put 
this in my purse.

This foundation exists in several very inclusive shades, and the UNE Beauty website even has a chart for you to find the shade that suits you! 

Mascara Volume by Night:

I am not a regular mascara user, as my lashes are sufficiently long for my everyday look. However, what I do look for in a mascara is for it to be volumizing, not lengthening nor curling. So the name of the mascara got me rejoicing, as volumizing mascaras are hard to come by.
As the rest of UNE products, this mascara is mostly from natural origin, and one of the notable ingredients is beeswax. I'd definitely have beeswax on my eyelashes than paraben!

This mascara is great for nighttime, as the name implies. The plastic brush coats each lash and lengthens it considerably, but the mascara disappointed me a bit with its' volume claims. It's not that it isn't volumizing, it's just not the "oomph" I expected from a volumizing mascara.

It claims to stay put for 16 hours, but personally I haven't left it on that long (10 hours is my longest). However, as it isn't waterproof, it will melt and form dark circles along your eyes as soon as it comes in contact with the slightest drop of water, tears or sweat. This makes it very impractical during hot weather or girls that wear contact lenses. 

Finally, it also claims to be clump-free, but it did clump a couple of timesHowever the clumps were easily removable with the brush


UNE Nail Colour

The nail polish is very soft, is not clumpy or messy. Easy to apply and easy to remove. Very pigmented, one coat was enough. Does not chip quickly: mine started chipping after 5 days. Highly recommend UNE's nail polish.

UNE Eyeshadow trio Top 3

Pigmentation is good, neither light nor really pigmented, but quite enough for me. I hate really pigmented eyeshadows as they make my eyes look fake.

Packaging has a sliding lid just like the foundation.

This eyeshadow trio palette comes in various shades, on the lid stated each shade's number/code and its type, whether shimmery or matte or something else.

The one I got was P03 which includes one shimmery beige shade, one matte mid-tone brown, one matte dark brown ( which is perfect for smokey application).

UNE Glimmer Lip Gloss

Smoothe, durable, non-sticky formula, has a hint of shimmer in it, though I do not know whether the other shades are shimmery as well or not. It gives a crystal, almost transparent shine, and smooths out my lips.
Swatch in shade

UNE GOLDEN BB-Cream/ Tan Enhancer

This BB creme is extremely soft and blendable. This shade I got G01 is a light golden shade, thats why its called tan enhancer. If you are already tanned use it as a bb cream for a light to medium coverage to give your tan a beautiful golden glow. As for me, I prefer to use it on my cheekbones as a highlighter as I am not that tanned and applying it all over my face would make me look like those MBC models! (If you know what I mean ;) ) I LOVE IT its amazzzzzzzzing. Oh and it has a hint of a beautiful scent I cannot recognize but its not strong and not repelling at all. 

Just like the Foundation and the eyeshadow's packaging, a sliding lid. Reminding of Samsung Chocolate mobile phone :)

Swatch in Shade
Swatch in Sunlight

To sum it all up, UNE is a great brand whose other products I would love to try. The packaging's sleekness and simplicity, the natural ingredients, the brand's philosophy as the natural feel and texture of the products are what have made me enjoy their products. The quality of the products is also very high.

This article was written by Dina Achraf & Ayat Seif Elnasr, Photos and Swatches by Ayat Seif Elnasr

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  1. is this brand still available in UAE? if yes, where can I get it? I would love to try their lipgloss. thanks!


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