Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care

Head & Shoulders shouldn't have to be introduced, it's been a staple of hair care since…. Well as long as I can remember. While their line mainly focuses on combating dandruff, it also forays into other hair problems: oiliness, hair loss, dryness, etc. Their latest product specifically targets scalp itch.

While I don't have scalp itch, I have nevertheless had my bouts of dandruff, dry scalp and 
flakiness (which are thankfully long gone!). I have tried both the shampoo and the conditioner.

Both contain eucalyptus extracts, which is known for its' soothing and refreshing effects. After using this, I felt the same (very strong) tingle I get from eucalyptus bubble gum on my scalp. The cooling effect was great for Egyptian summer. I do not have dandruff during the summer, but using the shampoo made my scalp feel clean and refreshed. The texture is quite runny in comparison to other shampoos, but the same as all other H&S shampoos.
As for the conditioner, I frankly did not understand why it was needed. I tested it both in conjunction with the shampoo and separately. It also bears the strong refreshing smell of eucalyptus, but other than that, it was a very average conditioner. It smoothed my hair, but did little for my dry ends.

However, I cannot deny how refreshing a cool eucalyptus head is during Egyptian summer! 
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