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The Shine Edition Lipstick
The Rouge Edition story continues…
For summer 2013, the most couture lipstick from Bourjois becomes available in a Shine version, with lots of prettiness in store…
·         A new shine in the Rouge Edition range that colours lips in dazzling shades like never before,
·         a innovative texture that provides the comfort of a balm,
·         housed in super sleek packaging.

Bourjois is taking its fashion-forward approach even further. Now you can team the new lipsticks with your nail enamel, boldly mixing and matching with this season's hottest shades.
Discover the Shine Edition collectionyour "it-accessories" for summer 2013!

It's your lips' time to shine with Shine Edition!

A unique formula

Shine Edition offers much more than your classic glossy lipstick.
With its innovative and ultra-sensory new-generation formula, it boasts shine, colour and comfort.
The comfort of a balm teamed with the most fashionable lipstick!

Heightened brilliance with a new combination of ingredients

·         1/4 lacquered pigments* (* % based on the range average)
·         and 1/4 gloss extract,
 Shine Edition gives new meaning to shine: colour is coated with exceptional, vibrant and pure brilliance.

Unprecedented comfort

With Shine Edition comes the extra benefit of lipcare; the soft and creamy texture provides your lip with a cushiony comfort.
Enriched with nourishing mango butter extracts, its lipcare formula delivers up to 10 hours of moisturization*.

*Scientifically tested on 30 volunteers - Best result on 10 volunteers

Addictive pleasure for the senses

Shine Edition is a pleasure to apply… its soft, melt-away texture glides on the lips, depositing just the right amount of dazzling colour.
Shine Edition boasts the same addictive scent as Rouge Edition.

A unique make-up result

Bursting with colour, Shine Edition produces an irresistible make-up result for this season’s statement lip.

Tested and loved by consumers!
Tested on 30 women
The Shine Edition formula is:
Melting: 100%
Creamy: 97%
Soft: 100%
Comfotable to wear: 100%

The properties of a balm:
Lips are hydrated: 81%
Lips are softened: 94%
The texture is comfortable: 94%

On trend, glossy colours

The Shine Edition shades are inspired by the season's fashion trends with playful names.

8 fresh and vibrant shades!

°20 - 1,2,3 soleil : a vibrant burst of coral, this summer's colour.
°21 - Rouge making of : an ultra-dense and luminous poppy red, without pearlescence.
°22 - Famous fuchsia : a radiant fuchsia pink for a hot, colourblock look.
°23 - Grenade in : a deliciously elegant pomegranate red, without pearlescence, for lips that look good enough to eat!
°24 - Rose xoxo : a pink with bluish accents and fine silvery pearlescence!
°25 - Mauve tabloïd : a pearly, soft and light for an elegant look.
°26 - Beige démocrachic : easy to wear nude beige, subtly heightened with fine silvery pearlescence for unbelievable shine.
°27 - Oh my doll : an ultra-fresh, slightly whitened pink speckled with fine silvery pearlescence for babydoll lips!

All you have to do is answer this question:

Model visual caption:
The model is wearing Contour Clubbing eyeliner Bleu Remix n°45, eyeshadow n°8, Shine Edition 1,2,3 Soleil lipstick n°20, 1 Second nail enamels Méli Melon n°25 and Blue no blues n°26.

What year was Bourjois Born?

See, easy and simple. I guess we all know by now the answer. If not, check out my previous posts on Bourjois.

Answer the Question "What year was Bourjois Born?" in a comment to this post and Leave an email I can contact you on in case you win. You will not be qualified for the giveaway if you do not answer this question.

This competition is only open for GCC, ends on 20th July 2013 by Midnight.

The winner gets to win a Bourjois goodies bag.

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