So Laque Glossy nails by Bourjois

From Left to Right: Taupe modele, Prepp 'hibiscus, Fashion Gris-Gris, Adora Bleu

As most of you know by now, Bourjois is my FAVORITE brand of all time. And as the season of summer has come, all the trend now is heading for a natural look with bright colorful nails.

I got the award winning nail polishes from Bourjois, So Laque Glossy to try, These are the shades I got:

49 Fashion Gris-Gris- A grey shade
02 Prepp 'hibiscus- Coral red shade
05 Taupe modele- (from the name) a grey beige taupey shade
06 Adora-bleu- A light-bright blue shade

Swatch in Flash light: Adora bleu

This polish amazingly good pigmentation, it took me with some shades only 1 coat, and others 2 coats, but not more than that. After the second coat is goes opaque. It dries out really well, not fast which is good in case I needed to fix any immediate error, but not too slow that would delay my second coat application.

 Swacth in flash light: Taupe Modele

Indeed, as the name suggests, so product is so glossy and shiney. The polish started chipping only after 5 days, without top coat! Which is quite surprising for me. Their shades selection is amazing for summer time.

I totally recommend this nail polish. <3

Which shade would you pick from this range? Do you have any of them? Tell me which do you like most?

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