Sleek blush review

There are a lot of brands I have alwayswanted to try but was not available in the Egyptian Market. One of those brands I have really wished for and didn't believe it when I found it on is Sleek. 

The shade I got is Flushed 935, which is a gorgeous deep berry shade that is ideal for the Autumn/Winter months. Very appropriate name as it does provide a nice flush of color to the cheeks! This shade I believe suits all skin tones, but would definitely an amazing flush/blush for deep toned skin and women of color.

The Sleek blush is highly pigmented, therefore you should use this blush with a very light hand. It is super  soft, silky fine and long-lasting blusher that is perfect for creating a subtle and radiant glow, complementing all skin tones. They are not chalky, the lasting power is pretty good and they do not oxidize on the skin.

The only downside to it that it has Mica and Talc which may clog your pores and cause breakouts, but lucky me I didn't get any.

 A very light swatch in sunlight

It's a nicel, very elegant packaging, really Sleek  :). It comes in a compact with a mirror which is handy for touch-ups.

This brand is extremely affordable if you are looking for a good product.

Sleek products are not sold here in Egypt, but you can order it online from . They provide free international shipping for orders over 20 GBP :)

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