Products in my bath now

We all have certain products that are a Holy Grail for our skin & hair, don't we? I do! However, I love change and use maaaaaaaaaany products every now and then to test different and new products in the market and see which suits me more.

In my bathroom, there are products that have been on my shelf for AGES! I love them, can't live without them. They benefit my skin and hair and can't imagine using any other product. This is a full preview :)

Neautrogena 2 in 1 facial wash and mask

Listerine mouth wash

Carefree cotton pads

Clean & Clear Facial wash

Fair trade Shampoo by Lush

Cranberry body scrub by The Body Shop

Strawberry Shower gel by The Body Shop

Smooth & Silky hair conditioning mask by Tresemme

Go 360 clean deep exfoliating Facial scrub by L'Oreal 

Anti-damage Shampoo & Conditioner by Pantene 

Johnson's baby Oil

Like my bathroom shelf products? Tell me about yours :)

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