H&S does another surprise for working ladies

Women are often drained by their compiled duties and full schedules. It seems as if their utmost wish is just a single hour of worry-free time where they can let go and get pampered without having to run for or after anything.

This is exactly what Head & Shoulders Egypt had in store for them.

With the launch of the new Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner with eucalyptus extract, that gives you instant itch relief and 100% flake free hair, women can enjoy their life without interruptions. The formula contains eucalyptus extract and gives a mild cooling sensation to help calm down an itchy scalp and keep your hair beautifully moisturized.

With a mission to relieve women’s scalps as well as their heads, Head & Shoulders followed through  with its campaign to relief Egypt’s busiest, most stressed women after sending its specialized, ‘worry-free’ team to pamper the women and take care of their shopping at the hypermarket; their next surprise was at a busy office full of working women. The team first asked the women how they would like to relief their mind on a busy work day. Next, Head & Shoulders surprised the women with what they wished for. In the middle of a stressful day, the team transformed a part of the office into a spa. The women could enjoy their lunch break by getting massages, manicures and various treats and delicacies while unwinding to the soothing tunes of live harp playing. One lucky employee whose  biggest worry was being stuck in traffic, got the extra luxurious treatment of getting relieved her from the stress of driving for the day by enjoying a superstar limo ride back home.

At the end the worry free session, Safa from Communications department said “It was a great surprise that made me more eager to get back to work refreshed”.  While Arwa from Marketing department said “It was an unexpected surprise from the beginning of the day, finding the gift basket and the pampering all was perfect and really freed my mind”.

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