Easier caramel depilation trick

For all of you ladies courageous enough to depilate yourself with caramel (commonly referred to as “sweet” ,the Middle-Eastern way of homemade waxing), I have a trick to make your life a tiny bit easier! I came up with this one on my own, but apparently, it seems that others have discovered this one before me.
I usually buy pieces of caramel at pharmacies or beauty shops. I place the bit of caramel, out of its’ foil wrapper but still in its’ plastic wrapper, in a bowl. I then put that bowl in a medium filled casserole of water, then leave it to heat for 10 minutes.

After the caramel has melted, I let it cool for exactly two minutes. It should now have a jelly-like consistency. I collect some of it with a spoon (be careful to never let the spoon directly touch your skin or you might get burnt) and distribute it as much as I can all over my forearm or leg. I let it on for another two minutes, then start pulling it. Now, very often, at the beginning, the caramel becomes slippery and does not pull any hairs. The simple trick here is to apply baby powder all over the sticky area, blow and pat the excess away, and reapply the caramel on the same spot. The caramel will become stronger and start pulling hair.

When depilating using caramel, baby powder comes in very handy. Whenever the piece of caramel starts sticking to your fingers, dab a little baby powder until you can completely get it off. Whenever the caramel stops sticking to hairs and skin because it’s hot and you’re getting sweaty, wipe the area with a dry tissue and dab a little powder. If you inadvertently get some caramel on a dry surface, put a little baby powder on it and surrounding it, then try picking up the bits of caramel with a bigger piece.

The baby powder works so efficiently because caramel sticks best to dry areas. This trick works so well I’ve started applying baby powder to any area right before I wax it with caramel.

I hope this makes your next depilation a bit easier! :)

This article has been written & swatched by Dina Achraf

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2 comments on Easier caramel depilation trick

  1. I've been trying to find easy sweet for some time now but I can't seem to find it anywhere in Heliopolis, can u kindly tell me where can I find it, please? Thanks!

    1. That is wierd! I actually do not know. have you tried with supermarkets like metro, ma7mal, or pharmacies like ezaby & Seif?


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