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Blogs, facebook pages, Instagram, video tutorials and Pinterest have had us all drooling at beautiful nail art. I’ve personally tried to do nail art, realizing it is difficult, messy and needs steady hands and certain tools.
With nail art becoming more and more ubiquitous, interesting and complex, it should be no surprise that most girls want to try as many different fun looks without the hassle and mess. This is why artificial nails have recently become a little more popular, and thankfully much more accessible and easy to use.

Broadway’s line imPress Nails offers you creative, beautiful nails without bothering with fine brushes, different colors and the inevitable mistake. 

This is my first time using artificial nails, so this review will have the perspective of a newbie user.

What is it?

This is a kit comprised of 24 artificial nails, coming in 12 different sizes, with a prep pad and a mini file. The nails come in different shapes and sizes, so everyone is bound to find something to suit them.
The underside of each nail is covered with glue and a clear plastic tab. This means that there is no need for additional nail glue.

The prep pad is intended to clean nails of any residues left on the nail. The nail file is for filing the nails to an appropriate shape as similar to your own shape for better comfort. 

How to use them:

First, choose the sizes that are closest to your nail shape, and put them in order. This was actually the most difficult step for me, as there were so many sizes. The packaging recommends choosing the smaller size if two sizes are similar in fit.

Then, file down the nails to get the closest shape to your own nails. I found that the 5 sizes I used fit me perfectly and did not need to additionally file any.

Remove your nail polish, if you have any, and wash your hands thoroughly. Make sure they are completely dry before you start applying the nails, then swipe the prep pad over each nail.

Remove the clear tab off of each nail, then install the artificial nail at the base of the nail (right after the cuticle). Be careful when removing the clear plastic tab, since some can be difficult to remove. Then, install it down on the nail and press firmly. It is also recommended to leave the thumbs last.

Repeat for each nail. 

Available colors and designs:

imPress nails are available in a variety of colors and designs. They are available in 14 solid colors, mostly bold colors (blue, black, fuschia, purple, orange, maroon, etc. ) and, sadly only two muted/pastel colors (a shimmery cream and pastel pink).
As for their nail art designs, they have three French Manicure designs and several more centered around the French manicure idea, with flowers for example. Their bolder nail art designs include cracked nail polish effect, three animal prints, tie-and-dye, hologram and a few others.

The one I liked the most was the Holla! design, which mimics black lace on a pink nail.

The Packaging:

Usually Stick-on nails are packed in flat sheet packs, but this one really impressed me :) Its packed in a nail-polish bottle-like plastic pack with a black lid that you pull off and flap the transparent packaging to find the nails piled according to size into a small plate in the front, the res of the nails are in the bottom of the "bottle".

The package includes 24 nails in 12 sizes to suite all nail sizes.

My impression:

I was very impressed by the ease and rapidity of use of this kit: the two hands can be finished in less than 10 minutes with no problems at all. Another plus is the fact that it uses press-on glue rather than standard nail glue, which is much less damaging to the nails.

The main thing that bothered me is that at the end of the tip of each nail is a little plastic tip that hangs on to clothes and fabric like a broken nail does. I tried filing down that tip but it didn't completely go away. Furthermore, the mini nail file provided in the kit was completely useless in filing down that tip.

However, once they’re pressed on, the nails felt like my own and did not cause me any discomfort. For me, it lasted for 4 days, so it didn't exactly meet the packaing promise, but it stuck on really hard on nails with all the clumsy and voluntary actions and moves I do all day!

I would gladly recommend these press on nails.

I have spotted Broadway imPress nails at several pharmacies in Egypt like Ezaby and Seif pharmacies.

This article has been written & swatched by Dina Achraf. Article edited and photos by Ayat Seif Elnasr

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