Arrid Deodorant review

Arrid is an American brand of deodorants, which I’ve had the chance to test out.  

There are 3 kinds to choose from, the stick deodorant, the roll-on deodorant, and the body spray deodorant, and you can pick from the Unscented, Rregular and the Morning Clean

I’ve tried all three formats: a dry solid (block) one, the spray and a liquid roll on. These deodorants claim to be odorless, provide 24 hour protection and leave you dry. It was my pleasant surprise to see that they did live up to its claims! These deodorants work wonderfully well in Egyptian summer heat, which I’ve never seen before: they've left me completely dry from morning to evening. I’ve had it on while working out, while running errands during the morning, and at a party while dancing; in all cases I was completely dry when returning home. It doesn't allow any sweat to form, which means no wet circles on your shirt at your armpits.

Nevertheless, it did carry a faint smell; however, it is not noticeable at all. Finally, the solid deodorant leaves a thick residue on your armpits, and also leaves white residue marks on black tops. In the meantime, the liquid format left no residue on my armpits, and a barely noticeable one on my top.

All in all, these are great deodorants, since they completely block any sweat and odors. The fact that it is (almost) odorless is also great, since it doesn't conflict with any perfume you might be wearing, and makes it unisex.

As for the Body Spray,  its amazing. It felt completely fresh, no stains, no residue marks, no sweat, nothing. I thought it was the best of all and suits well my gym-time.

This article has been written & photos by Dina Achraf and Ayat Seif Elnasr

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