Arm & Hammer deodorant review

Actually it's the best non-aluminum natural deodorant I have found so far, and I am not fond of much anyway. It keeps me from stinking/smelling more than any natural deodorant so far.

This product needs to be reapplied otherwise i do start to notice low odor in the middle of the day. its not something anyone else would notice but i definitely can tell at the end of the day when changing out of my clothes.

That said, if you are bound and determined to use only aluminum free - this may work for you - try it. You will probably have to keep a stick definitely in your gym bag, in case you need to reapply. The reason this works better than others, I think, is the combination of baking soda and triclosan. A good combination...but overusing triclosan is not good as the bacteria becomes immune to it (that's my own opinion anyway).

This product is gentle, no white stuff, controls odor really well. Glides on easily (stick). And it's truly unscented - it doesn't have an "unscented scent" ...that chemically smell that others have.

I was excited to find a so-called invisible solid in unscented, because to my nose most scented deodorants are just as offensive as body odor. While this is gentle on the skin and goes on clear, it doesn't have the odor-fighting power to last over a long day. I've since found an unscented soft solid that lasts all day.

I have tested two formulas, one is the gel and the other is the stick. I found that the gel formula lasted all day more than the stick formula, without leaving any white marks or residue on my clothes, and I would totally recommend it. It has several scent if you do not prefer the unscented one, there is the Sport, Fresh, and Original.

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