The Right gift for him- Male Edition post :)

Ever had the hassle of wondering what to buy for your man, father or brother? I'm here to help you out. Below are my personal favorites. This article is not paid for or sponsored by any means. Each single item I have picked and chosen myself after testing and seeing the products myself.

Philips Sensotouch
Smooth, low-friction SkinGlide to minimize irritation
Easy grip handle with ergonomic grip for close control
Skin friendly precision trimmer
NEW: click-on Beard Styler with 5 length settings
UltraTrack heads catch every hair with just a few strokes
SensoTouch Shavers with Super Lift & Cut Action

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L'Occitane gift set
Know that your man needs self-care products but you don't know exactly what he needs to most? why not buy all the products he would need in one gift box. Head towards any L'Occitane store, and check out their pour homme shelf.

You can grab many products from the gel amongst from shaving gel, Eau de toilette, savon soap, roll on anti-prespirant, and shower gel. The Scent is so masculine, more to sandle wood and Amber than lemon.

Their EDT is composed of lavender, blended with the peppery, nutmeg scent of burnt wood. A panoramic and complex fragrance, redolent with the rich scents of Provence, in all their ruggedness and mystery. Intended for men, but I, as a woman, loved it, too. :)

L'Occitane is available worldwide, and in Egypt too:) Its in the Mall of Arabia, Gate 3 , next to Faces.

CK Euphoria Fragrance

My Favorite fragrance of all time, both their Women & Men lines. It is an addictive oriental fragrance that contrasts exotic fruits, seductive florals and a rich, creamy signature.

               TOP:    pomegranate, persimmon, lush green accord

the top opens with an initial burst of pomegranate, succulent persimmon and lush green notes that captivate the senses

              MID:    dewy lotus blossom, champaca flower, black orchid

the heart of euphoria imparts a mysterious and intoxicating feeling through notes of rich black orchid, dewy lotus blossom and sensual champaca flower

              DRY:    liquid amber, black violet, cream accord, mahogany wood

the bottom of the fragrance provides a lasting signature of sexy liquid amber and mahogany wood paired with an intriguing potion of black violet, sensual musks and an addictive cream accord

Guess Seductive Blue Fragrance
The Guess man is passionate. Free-spirited, charismatic, cool and sophisticated, he embodies the dynamism of today’s modern man. His bold pursuit of passion and adventure is invigorating, infectious…and irresistible. His fragrance seduces the senses – fresh, addictive and wildly sensual.

It's an oriental wood fragrance, Cool and invigorating as an ocean breeze and unforgettably sensual as a sunset beach encounter, Guess Seductive Homme Blue takes its olfactory cues from both the intensity of the blue ocean and the earthy warmth of sand-bound seduction. A daring twist on the original Guess Seductive Homme formula. Designed with the Guess man in mind, the fragrance is bracing but crisp, unique, and, most importantly, sexy and magnetic. Perfumer Guillaume Flavigny of Givaudan built a truly unexpected fragrance with a mélange of spicy, peppery notes, brisk aquatic accords and a sensual, earthy base. The result: an elegant Oriental Woody scent that simply oozes sex appeal

Top: Citrus Caviar, Cardamom, Black Pepper

Mid: Blue Coral AquaSpace, Geranium

Bottom: Cashmere Wood, Rippled Sand, Musks

 An outfit from Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks has Many various options to choose from for men, with a lot of classy high end brands. If many is no object to you and you do not have a budget to stick to, then Saks is the place to go :)

White Musk fragrances by the Body Shop

Again, as I have stated at the very beginning of this post, all of the products I have mentioned are my actualy favorites. There are many other products I have tried and tested myself for this feature but I have only mentioned the ones I felt are unique, pleasant and I would love to give out to my man. Any male fragrance that has Sandalwood, Thyme and/or spices in it I immediately fall in love with.
Now, The body Shop's White Musk for men Eau de Toilette is my absolute favorite. I got it to my BF, my brother, my work husband, literary everyone, and none of them hasn't stated his absolute amazement of how this fragrance is so masculine and lasts long, although its an EDT!
 Fresh, crisp and clean, White Musk for Men reveals the masculine scents of vetiver and sandalwood blended with sensual notes of musk. Suitable for all skin types, it creates an addictive, alluring fragrance that leaves skin sensuously scented. Spray directly onto the neck and pulse points, as often as required, for an elevating experience.

CK Shock Street Edition

Other than the amazing packaging and graffiti illustrated on the bottle, this limey,citrus with spices fragrances is a definite purchase for your man who likes to keep it light in the day time but yet masculine.
ck one shock street edition for him awakens the senses with a burst of refreshing mojito, watery cucumber, and sparkling citrus. the heart intrigues with aromatic spices, geranium, and an unexpected raspberry cocoa accord with a delicious combination of chocolate tonka, vanilla and creamy toffee for a lasting signature.

oriental gourmand

top:      fresh mojito accord, watery cucumber, sparkling citrus

heart:    aromatic spices, geranium, raspberry cocoa accord

dry:       chocolate tonka, touch of vanilla, toffee 

Loewe Solo Platinum

Loewe is a big in fashion, as in ready-to-wear/Couture. I have not tried their fragrances before, but they have newly released this scent, and this made me double check if there are any fragrances they have released I should get for myself! 

This fragrance reminded me a lot of Davidoff's Hot water (Which is also my favorite fragrance I have to say it has a lot of beautiful memories for it with me ), yet it has a bit more of a relaxing lavander scent, unlike the hot water which arouses your senses immediately with its warm-wood & paprika.
This fragrance is created of aromatic tea and black leather surrounded with lavender absolute, ambergris, Siamese benzoin, Atlas cedar, olibanum, nutmeg and thyme. 

The packaging is so elegant and chic, and the bottle itself describes the scent in its black color and rough edged symmetrical design, which makes it an add-on for your man's shelf.

And last but not least; Faces knows all about men’s skincare too
Men in general engage in more outdoors activities than women, so, they actually need to look after their skin more than women do -which is never the case.

To maintain your skin while you enjoy the outdoors, whether you’re rock climbing or playing soccer, use a chemical exfoliant on your face daily. Chemical exfoliants have no grains and work on dissolving the glue that holds our dead skin cells together, loosening them up and shedding them off your face.

Engaging in excessive physical activities can easily lead to skin dehydration; to remedy that, use a moisturizer to make sure your skin always maintains its moisture; this will delay the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines on your face.

Remember to use sun protection that has high PA protection, which means protection against UVA rays; sun blocks only prevent us from getting sun burnt, while PA protection protects our skin against UVA rays which are the ones that cause serious trouble such as collagen break down and oxidization. Believe it or not, up to 70 % of aging signs are caused solely by UVA rays!

So, take the advice of Faces’ male skincare experts, and appear at your best, anywhere, anytime.

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