South Beach Souvenirs
The "hot" shades for summer 2013: Gloss, Nail enamel & nail art collection
Bourjois has made a stopover in the most colourful of East Coast cities: Miami! At home in Paris,  memories are encapsulated in a few vintage photos and a production of the season's  of hot colours, combined with creative nail art.
South Beach Souvenirs, a surprising and dynamic collection for the nails and lips!  It's fashion and party time with arty 3D manicures, a new high precision nail art tool and new summer colours and gloss shades…

Dive into the summer with new 1 Seconde Nail Enamel colours

1 Seconde nail enamel has had a stop over at Miami Beach… and is back with
 2 new hot shades for summer 2013:
23 In the Navy and 22 Turquoise Block

25 Méli Melon and 10 Rouge Poppy complete the South Beach Souvenirs collection.

-     NEW: 23 In the Navy: a bright and very radiant ultramarine... all aboard!
-     NEW: 22 Turquoise Block: an eye-catching turquoise, great for the beach!
-          25 Méli Melon: a coral with an ultra-vibrant touch of orange
-          10 Rouge Poppy: a bright red with a dash of yellow to boost all looks.

With the 1 Seconde nail enamel, 1 nail = 1 stroke = 1 second*!
* Usage test on 33 women 

Explosion of 3D colours with Manicure Toppings!

This year say

  • YES to nail art,
  • YES to creative manicures
  • YES to colour!

For a really stand out manicure, Bourjois launches Manicure Toppings, the star of 3D nails. Harmonies of fine, brightly coloured pearls dress the nails with new, very arty and funky 3D dimensions!

 Fashion forward
3 harmonies that are in tune with the pace of summer 2013 trends
T01 Coral Bikini: a harmony of coral reds with luminous golden accents, ideally teamed with beach wear.
T02 Lilac Sand: a lilac harmony with silver tints for a sophisticated manicure.
T03 Maliblue: a refreshing blue lagoon harmony, perfect for a summer look.

ü  Practical

Easy and fun application

Nothing could be easier than applying your own luxury manicure.
Bourjois Manicure Toppings have been designed for easy and rapid use:

1/ I apply my nail enamel as usual.
2/ I immediately sprinkle with Manicure Toppings
3/ I delicately press down on the beads for better adherence.
And that's it! The pearls stick to the enamel.

Bourjois tip: to make your 3D manicure last longer, apply a thin layer of transparent top coat.

The Bourjois asset: on each bottle, a booklet-sticker offers a clear tutorial and gives tips on how to use top coat to make enamel last longer.

Nail art for all with a new Dotting Tool!

Bourjois will be very popular with nailistas: A Dotting Tool to get your creativity flowing, you can play with perfect dots, moustaches, hearts and clouds…

The indispensable tool to create precise patterns very easily, the Dotting Tool has a double end: one for small dots and the other for larger ones.
It is very easy to use, with any nail enamel and can be cleaned with regular nail enamel remover.

   Bourjois tip: to work precisely with your Dotting Tool, pour a drop of varnish on a surface that will act as a palette.

   The Bourjois asset: Go to the Bourjois Facebook page to see some nail art tutorials by blogger Pschiit.
1 Begin with 2 coats of 1 seconde Nail Enamel in n°25 Meli Melon
2 Use the larger end of the dotting tool to create yellow dots…
3 Then use the pink to do the same as above but with the smaller end. And Finish with a Top coat!

Zesty smiles with new 3D Effect Gloss shades!

Spending the summer in a bikini, no problem… but never without accessories.
With South Beach Souvenirs, not only do my nails become a statement... but so do my lips!
Bourjois has createdü  3 new fresh and zesty 3D Effect Gloss shades inspired by the bright colours of Miami: 54 Rouge Electric, 55 Orange Energic and 56 Rose Dynamic

 2 new focuses complete the range: 53 Corail Artistic and 18 Transparent Oniric

-          New 54 Rouge Electric: a radiant red that dresses the lips transparently
-          New 55 Orange Energic: a zesty orange, perfect for summery tanned skin.
-          New 56 Rose Dynamic: flashy pink for glamorous and luscious lips.
-          53 Corail Artistic: a real sparkling coral
-          18 Transparent Oniric: naturally glossy sheer lips.

     With a formula enriched with 92% moisturising and nutri-protective agents, 3D Effect Gloss offers 8-hour** balm and moisturising action, while remaining a genuine concentration of shine and volume with its micro-crystalline wax.
*          *Scientifically tested on 10 women

The South Beach Souvenirs collection Prices

New Manicure Toppings AED 58
T01 Coral Bikini, T02 Lilac sand, T03 Maliblue                                                           
ü   New Dotting Tool                                                                                                      
ü   1 Second Nail Enamel AED 58
New 23 In the Navy, New 22 Turquoise Block, 25 Méli melon, 10 Rouge poppy    
ü    3D Effect gloss AED 63                                                  
New 54 Rouge Electric, New 55 Orange Energic, New 56 Rose Dynamic,
53 Corail Artistic, 18 Transparent Oniric   

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