Soreb Cosemtics Flat Lipstick revolution

Sophisticated Rebel uses hammer on lipstick and finds Gold

Sophisticated Rebel has flattened lipstick and created a fresh experience for active women. The blade-shaped lipstick can fit into tight places without creating a bulge. It attaches to any chain, features a flip-open cap, lip shaped nozzle and has a mirror finish which means touch-ups can now be done in seconds and on the move.

Bag - what bag?
The Los Angeles based company knew breaking 100 years of lipstick tradition may be tough for some to accept but founder Frank Cappello claims the advantages of the new design couldn't be ignored, especially when it came to the actual lipstick inside.

“Traditional wax based lipstick was too thick to get inside the skinny body and lipgloss was too sticky to get out so we were forced to start from scratch. When we finally had a formula that actually worked, we discovered we had created a lip product that was unlike anything else out there. The colors are rich, they last for hours and the smoothness on the lips is incredible. The irony is none of this would have happened if we had let tradition dictate our path.”

Sophisticated Rebel’s patented Flat Lipstick may be the first in an entire line of makeup ‘reboots.’ “Our brand’s vision is to Reshape the World, so that hammer’s work has just begun.”

Sophisticated Rebel Flat Lipstick launches in 5 shades: Nude, Veil Pink, Pink, Berry and Rebel Red. They can be purchased &
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