Revlonissimo cream gel Hair Dye

I'm a huge fan of hair dyes. I used to be a coloring freak till my hair screamed one day "Mercy, please!". I used to dye my hair as frequent as every 3-4 months. But after my hair was completely destroyed, I switched to a period 6-9 months.

I have tried maaaaaaaaaaany hair dyes. The one I was really comfortable with lately and have been using for more than 2 years now is L'Oreal Excellence with Keratin hair dye. I experienced soft hair and amazing results whether with color or texture.

Last week, I got this beautiful gift from Revlon, its their new gel hair dye Revlonissimo NMT. The owner of the company has really recommended it to me. So I thought I haven't dyed my hair for 9 months now, I think its time for a change :)

Yesterday I tried, and Gosh! I was blown away by the result. First of all, let stay clear about something regarding hair dye. The color is what you pick, its not the company's responsibility hair dying is a study on its own, and mixing colors with shades and undertones needs a lot of experience. What is actually the company's responsibility is to give you a product that ensures you shine, long lasting color, frizz free, and moisture! Yes, of all four I have stated, moisture is the main, and maybe the only, advantage I care about when picking hair dye products. Let's face it, our Egyptian weather isn't quite the proper climate for our hair to add another element to destroy our hair. But let me say it, I have never, ever, not even with L'Oreal Excellence, experience such smoothe, moisturized and soft hair, not even after first use with hair masks except with Revlonissimo. Yesterday, while rinsing the dye off my hair, I was screaming with joy! I was running around the house showing everyone how smoothe my hair is, not the color! Can you imagine someone after dying her hair and not bragging about it as much as the texture of her hair itself?! That was me! The color was exactly what I wanted, quite experience now I know so again its not the company's responsibility. Oh! And the shine! It was as if I have sprayed shine gloss on my hair or something.

Phew! I know this article was super exciting for me. Time to catch my breath :). This article is NOT sponsored, neither am I being paid to write a positive review, but, this product, by far, the best Hair dye I have ever used and I'm staying with it for as long as something better released in the market, which I doubt. :)

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  1. do you have pictures of your hair? i wanna see! ahahaha! it got me really excited.. and i want to go and buy one XD


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