Review of Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Does anyone else remember being 13 and secretly using her mom’s kohl crayon? And pretend they didn't?  And get caught?
Does anyone remember being 16 and drawing a thick, uneven kohl line above their eyes? Did anyone try (miserably) to do a cat eye and fail?
If you answered yes to any of these, then we both have that in common!

Eyeliners are awesome. They can make your eyes look bigger, flirtier, and are suitable for a casual day look or a dressy evening wear. They come in all shapes and textures: crayons, liquid, gel, in a pot, kohl, in a tube, gel, sparkly, matte…

Up till a year ago, I used only kohl crayons: I used to believe that liquids and gel were the stuff of professional makeup artists. Then I tried liquid eyeliners and loved them. It wasn’t until my younger sister got her own that I tried gel eyeliners. I’ve been in love since.

Today, I’m going to be reviewing Maybelline’s Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

Texture and application:
For the uninitiated, gel eyeliner can seem to be a bit icky and messy. This one is no exception. To avoid any mishaps, you just have to make sure you don’t pick up too much with the brush.
The eyeliner comes with its own brush. It isn’t a traditional slanted eyeliner brush, but a small, thin but firm brush. The brush is perfect for all kinds of looks: it’s actually easier to do a cat-eye with this brush than with a slanted brush!
Application depends on your comfort and ease, but the brush makes it incredibly easy. The texture itself is neither too liquid, nor too solid, which makes drawing a perfect line very easy.
Once applied, it dries very quickly, meaning that you have to correct mistakes immediately with a Q-tip and makeup remover.  It has no smell.

This eyeliner’s pigmentation is incredible. I got this in “Blackest Black”, which is a very matte black. I have decided to compare this to two other brands, a kohl crayon and a liquid eyeliner. As you can see, the Eye Studio is more pigmented than both, has more coverage than the kohl crayon, and doesn’t have the “leathery” aspect of the liquid liner.

Staying power:
The strong pigment translates into very long staying power. Maybelline claims it is waterproof, but if you splash your face with water (who does that anyway?), it will slightly smudge. However, without water, even if you violently rub your eyes, it won’t smudge at all.
I wore this to my prom party, and it lasted the whole night without budging. However, very late into the night, after approximately 6 hours, it transferred a bit to my oily and sweaty lids. I also wore this on a sunny day and it lasted from morning to night, also with slight transfer to the lids after 8 hours.

Difficult removal is a big downside of strong pigmentation and staying power: This stuff is an absolute nightmare to remove. Forget bottled makeup remover and cotton discs, you’ll end up looking like a gothic panda. I managed to remove (most of) it by using makeup removing wipes followed by Johnsons Baby Shampoo.
I would also advise against applying this (or any other gel or liquid liner) to your waterline because it is will most likely strongly irritate your eyes, on top of the mess.

Practical aspects:
As a gel eyeliner, this is not a product you should expect to carry around.
I have already mentioned that it is sold with a little awesome brush, which is much easier to use than the usual slanted brush. The eyeliner itself is contained in a little glass pot, which contains 0.106 ounces, which is the same quantity as most high end (MAC, Bobbi Brown) and but less than other drugstore brands (L’Oreal, E.L.F., Catrice), which contain at least 0.14 ounces.  

Colors available:
Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner is available in 4 colors: Blackest Black, Brown, Charcoal (a grey color with silver-ish reflections) and Eggplant (a dark purple). I have only tested Blackest Black.

To sum it all up,
-          Excellent staying power
-          Does not smudge
-          Matte black is very versatile
-          The brush!
-          Perfect for beginners

-          Very hard to remove
-          Transfers to oily lids at the end of the day
-          Unavailable in Egypt

I bought this product online froma facebook fanpage that you can find easily and ships all over Egypt here .
This article has been written by Dina Achraf, photos by both Ayat & Dina.
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