How to make a highlighter from your own makeup kit

We have all seen for this season's fashion shows the new look is to have a dewy finish/ highlighted face, and many brands have produced highlighters from their lines all from powder form- like Chanel, M.A.C , and Nars , and liquid form- like Burberry, YSL Touche Eclat, and Chanel Eclat Lumiere.

No more what you prefer from Liquid or powder, this look really enhances anyone's complexion. It brightens the face and gives it a healthy glow.

Some Brands like M.A.C unlike the others, has produced not only the ivory/white/silverish highlighter, but also a golden one to suit the bronze ebony complexion.

But what is you cannot afford to buy these high end highlighters, and even the high street/drugstore one's are not available in your country and you still want to try this new trend, how can you resolve this issue?

All you have to do it, look in your makeup bag, you must have a shimmer white loose eyeshadow somewhere. Even if you have the pot ones, you can you it. Just crush a shimmer white/ivory eyeshadow from a pallete you do not use or need, pour a few in the palm of your hand.

Grab a small contouring brusha highlighter brusha tapered brushan angled brush or a powder brush, dab it lightly on the crushed eyeshadow in your palm and apply on the middle of your forehead, top of the chin, tip of the nose and on your cheekbones, just like the photo below.

This application in the photo above only applicable in night time. If you are going to apply this in daytime, skip all of this and only apply on the top of your cheekbones, otherwise you will look as if you have greasy and oily skin.

These photos are after applying bronzer, blush & the highlighter. You can see the effect of the highlighter on the top of my cheekbones.

Have you found this tip useful? Have you tried it before? share your photos with me :)

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