H&S event at Mall of Arabia- Egypt

H&S threw a pampering event for women last week on the 26th and 27th of April in Spinney's Mall of Arabia. They had a great gesture for all women (and men too by the way!) to help women chill out and free their minds from all the worries.

The Head & Shoulders Ushers waited in front of the main entrance of Spinney's Mall of Arabia for a girl/woman who love to get pampered.
The Team asked visitors if she would like to join this amazing experience.
And ..they found beautiful women to volunteer! She is sitting down on a relaxing sofa writing down her shopping list

From the very first moment the beautiful ladies enter the H&S booth, she enjoys a relaxing experience with the soothing sound of the violin.

The beautiful lady wrote her shopping list and handled it to one of the ushers to do the shopping for her while she...
...have her nails done for her with the best nail products..
She also got a shoulder massage, and a small chit chat with one of H&S hosts.

Once her shopping is done, the usher brings over her cart to the cashier and wait till she is done with her relaxing and pampering experience. She gets up, heads directly to the cashier to collect her shopping.

H&S gives her flowers & helium balloons as signs of appreciation. Only when she collects her shopping bag, then...
the H&S team congratulate her for going through this experience, with cheers, applause and whistles, And...
cheered the ladies, as all the women H&S chose in the H&S happy  got to win all their grocery shopping :) 

Aya, One of the Marketing executives, is having a mini interview with the volunteer asking her how she liked the experience with Head & Shoulders.

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