Rimmel London new release review

Rimmel has a new line of products in the Market, obviously from the TV ads that we have all seen and the blogpost I have shared here , we all have an idea of what those products are:

Apocalips lip laquer in 102 Nova

This is certainly the end of lip colour as you know it. The future is neither lipstick, nor gloss – but bigger and better than both. The new APOCALIPS Lip Lacquer will change your fundamental beliefs in beauty. It combines both the intense colour of a lipstick with a smooth lacquer like shine. Its not glossy or sticky. Its more of a smooth lipstick/color in a tube. You apply it with a wand and gives you a hint of shine. It is highly pigmented yet doesn't have a high staying power. It glides on easily and evenly, leaving your lips feeling beautifully coloured and moisturised hour after hour. 

The packaging of APOCALIPS Lip Lacquer is equally explosive. With its spectacular jagged edges and dramatic black colour code, it looks like some alien object generated by an earth-shattering Big Bang!! All the more so since one end of the pack is transparent and appears to glow like molten lava as it reveals the shade inside. 

Talking of shades, there are 10 spectacular ones to choose from, and the one I got was rosy pink Nova (102). There only 2 downsides to this product, the scent of a cough medicine and that the color does not stay long enough on my lips.

Scandeleyes Lycra flex mascara in 001 Black

For those of you who reads my blog regularly, know quite well how much I'm in love with Soap & Glory's Mascara and Maybelline's Collosal mascara. No mascara could give me the length and volume I wanted without smudging or flaking except these two. Now, add three to the list :)! 

The new Scandaleyes Lycra® Flex comes in a green and black pack that is just as soft as the lashes it creates. But don’t be fooled by the delicate exterior, its MaxDensity brush doesn’t leave a lash uncoated so you’re sure not to go unnoticed. 

Thanks to the new Scandaleyes Lycra® Flex get the volume you need without compromising on comfort. The first ├╝ber-volume mascara enriched with weightless Lycra® technology, it promises outrageously lush lashes that never feel stiff or brittle. The unique Scandaleyes MaxDensity brush reaches corner to corner to coat each and every lash. And you know what? Lashes stay supple throughout the day no matter how many coats you add. So you can go from sexy to sexier without the clumps and brittles! 

Waterproog Gel eye liner in 004 Deep Blue
We Love a flirty flick, Wild for the winged-out look,and Crazy about cats’ eyes, aren't we? It has just been the trend to have bold and flicked eyes for over a year now and still going.

The cute pot is topped with an elegant black cap that houses an integrated brush. You know me with the packed sponges & brushes; I did't the precision brush applicator that comes along with the gel liner. Its too short and unmanageable, the hair bristles are short too. Plus, I like using slanted stiff brushes with gel liners to give me the precision I want. 

The Gel is  Super-simple to apply, the soft and creamy gel glides on smoothly to ensure a mistake-free, pro-looking finish. What’s more, the rich colour formula features highly concentrated pure pigments for the most intense shades – wear it with or without mascara.   Whether you opt for a sleek, simple line or full-on retro glamour, your perfectly framed eyes won’t go unnoticed. However, I like blue shade liners to be more an electric color than a navy blue color. This navy blue shade is so plain and dull that it neither gives the drama and sexiness of black, nor the playfulness and fun of the electric blue. Other than that the pigmentation is good but I have seen better with Maybelline and M.A.C. , but maybe its the shade I got and not the composition of the gel itself. I have to try the black one to decide.

swatch without flash light
swatch with flash light
·         Soft and creamy gel glides on smoothly for a mistake-free application in a single stroke
·         Highly concentrated pure pigments deliver intense colour
·         Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

·         Applicator is not useful
·         Non-smudge waterproof formula is not the promise that is kept, unfortunately, if you have not mentioned the waterproof promise, I would have loved the product more. I easily rubbed the swatch off my hand after taking the photos, with not makeup remover or lotion. Just my fingers!

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