Mavala footcare system

Last Month, I got a gift at Alsherif Beaute Beauty store from Mavala- A swiss footcare beauty programme.

This complimentary set contains sample sizes footcare treats:
  • Refreshing foot gel: It cools and relaxes your feet after a long tiring day. It provides as immediate freshness and instantly well-being. If used after a foot bath, the beneficial actions of refreshing foot gel are reinforced.
  • Concentrated foot bath: Deodorizing, tonifying, pedicure preparation. Its emollient action makes it a perfect pedicure preparation.
  • Smoothing scrub Cream: Rough skin remover for your feet. Most effective after a footh bath when callouses are pre softened and can be sloughed off easily
  • Conditioning moisturizer for feet: A daily care fo dry feet.
  • Revitalizing Emulsion for tired feet: Refreshes and relieves tiredness. Sensation of lightness and immediate freshness which is ideal for your well- being.
Alsharif beaute can be found in:
-Dokki:11 haroon st. mesaha sq. Tel 333-518-39
-Mokattam:9063 st.No.9,Cairo Tel:266-73-446
-Albert st. Smouha,Alex Tel:03-424-88-23
-Hotel Hiton Green Paza,Alex Tel:0144443097

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