Lips & Cheek stains

Its been a trend for over 3 years now to use lip stains, but cheek stains are new to the market. But..

What is the difference between cheek stain, a powder blush and a cream blush?

Powder blush: a pigmentation of color compressed in a powder format. You use a powder or blush brush to apply. You can put on as much as you want and when you want to minus off some, and if you mistakenly apply more than needed, just dab your cheeks with tissue or wipe away with face powder. However, But here's the catch, powder blush tend to fade away especially when you have oily skin
Cream blush: a pigmentation of color compressed in a cream format. It has a moisturizing formula and usually a long staying powder. Some brands produce cream blush with a sticky consistency and some produce it in a soft blendable formula. You use your fingers, stippling brush or a synthetic dense and tapered brush.
Cheek Stain: a pigmentation of color compressed in a liquid format. They have high staying power, and you don't need a lot to apply. Just one dot usually does the job so you want waste a lot. There are some cheek tints that are sticky too which are gel type cheek tints.You use it with the applicator and apply directly on your cheeks, then blend with your fingers immediately because really fast. There are other benefits of cheek stain. It is beneficial in the hot summer months, as well as for people who have oily skin as it has a long staying power. Also, cheek stain is less likely to cause blemishes than other types of makeup because it sits more lightly on the surface of the skin and does not  contain pore-clogging ingredients.

The two cheeks stains I adooooooooooooooooooooooore are Benefit's benetint and The Body Shop's lip and cheek stain.

Benetint lasted longer than the body shop cheek stain (although both stayed longer than any other cheek product I have), however, both will start to fade after 8 hours. Benetint has a red hue to it, while TBS cheek stain has a pinkish hue to it. Both are very light weight and extremely blendable. Both are odorless and non-sticky, although TBS is more of a gel cheek stain than a liquid one. Both are extremely pigmented, just a one or two dots are enough :), therefore you the product will last a whole year with you at least, if not more! Both can be applied on lips as well. Both gives a natural glow to your cheeks no matter what shade is your complexion.

In sunlight swatch, From the left: Benefit's Benetint, The body shop lip & Cheek stain

Benetint's container has one downside to it. It's not made to take away while you are traveling because it is made of glass and can easily get broken. Only if you are really careful, then you can take along with you. While, TBS lip & cheek stain is in a lipgloss-like container which is much easier to travel with. Its applicator even is like the lip gloss one. Benetint's applicator is like the nail polish applicator.

I will definitely repurchase both again, only if, one day, I use all of the product!

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