Guess Who?


The fragrance inspired by the sexiest women in fashion

Why walk when you can strut?

Why blink when you can wink?

Why ask when you can GUESS?

New York, NY— Tousled hair.  Crazy curves.  Bold, Retro-Cat Eyeliner. Glamorous GUESS style. A GUESS Girl is unmissable and irresistible. They’ve been fashion’s IT girls for 30 years. Now, Coty Beauty is delighted to introduce a fragrance that captures the brand’s sexy showstoppers. Sensuous and exciting, GUESS Girl is a fresh, easy-to-wear fruity floral fragrance that turns heads and texts you later.  

 “All of us at Coty Beauty were inspired by the 30th anniversary of GUESS. For our fourth collaboration with the fashion brand, we set out to capture the unapologetic sex appeal of the brand’s stunners,” says Steve Mormoris, SVP Global Marketing for Global Beauty. “We are thrilled to introduce consumers to a fragrance that encapsulates the youthful, adventurous spirit of the GUESS brand and GUESS Girls everywhere."
Coty Beauty is delighted to introduce a GUESS Girl for a modern era: sophisticated beauty Amber Heard. With unstoppable curves, a winning smile and a take-no-prisoners personality, Amber defines the contemporary woman for the new age.
Signature Scent

Perfumer Laurent Le Guernec of IFF envisioned GUESS Girl as an enchanting encounter with a born-flirt.
“I wanted to bring a youthful, flirty and ultra-sexy facet to this GUESS fragrance, inspired by women such as Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe” says Laurent Le Guernec. “I found the acacia flower captured the sultry and sweet attitude of the GUESS Girl I was looking for. This intriguing duality was the foundation for the fragrance. To reinforce the exotic fantasy and sexiness, I blended mimosa with paradise orchid in reference to a Californian sunset.”

The fragrance makes an entrance with a burst of sweet promise:  innocent raspberry nectar, coy melon, and intriguing bergamot mist. The flirtation continues with a tease of rare Brazilian Paradise orchid, intoxicating Acacia flower, and alluring Lily. Finally, it ensnares you with voluptuous vanilla and indulgent sandalwood, leaving an impression as lasting as lipstick on a pillowcase.

Top notes: Raspberry nectar, Melon, Bergamot Mist 

Middle Notes: Brazilian Paradise Orchid, Provence Acacia Flower, Lily

Base Notes: Australian Sandalwood, Madagascar Vanilla

The Total Package

GUESS Girl is proudly feminine, and its design is playfully pink. The fragrance is presented in a soft pink folding box bedecked with a printed fuchsia ribbon that lyrically wraps around the package and forms the letter “G.” Open this gift to discover a shapely glass flacon that embodies its curvy muse. A new black script logo appears on the package and bottle, introducing GUESS Girl as a love letter to the brand’s sexy showstoppers, while a black ribbon knotted around the gold pump suggests a gift from an admirer. The vibrant flower cap is comprised of hard petals encasing soft ribbon to represent the GUESS Girl herself. Just as the GUESS Girl is at once vivacious and bold, soft and feminine, so are these contrasting textures.



For the advertising campaign, helmed by GUESS creative director Paul Marciano and photographer Ellen Von Unwerth, Amber enacts every woman’s fantasy of making a perfect entrance. Outfitted in the fashion brand’s formfitting, pink sequin dress accessorized in classic, GUESS fashion with a cinched-at-the-waist, crisp white shirt, Amber saunters into a steamy club in lush Isla Morada, Florida. She turns heads as she enters, but it’s more than her outfit that gets this GUESS Girl noticed, it’s the sultry sweet attitude and unabashed sex appeal that her fragrance awakens. When Amber catches a fella’s eye, she takes matters into her own hands with a bold, flirtatious twist.

“I am very excited to work with GUESS, one of the world’s most iconic, pop culture brands,” says Amber Heard. “GUESS has a way of identifying each woman’s unique appeal, and this fragrance truly captures that.  It’s sweet, sexy and totally original.”

GUESS Girl Collection  

Eau de Toilette 50ml – AED 215

Eau de Toilette 100ml – AED 270

Available worldwide February 2013 at GUESS retail stories, perfumery chains, department stores and 

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