Find the Right Shade of Blush

How many times have we been advised, to find the perfect blush shade for your skin tone,you just have to pinch your cheeks and the color you blush to is the same shade that would suit you. Well, one for advise, DON'T!

I believe that any shade can suit you as long as you can HELP MAKE IT suit you with your hair color, your eye makeup and your outfit; its just that some shades suits you more than others, that's all!

Universal colors work on all skin tones: Reds, light Pink with shimmers of gold (Nars Orgasm and Nars Super Orgasm), Fuschia (Nars Desire). Anything bright and shocking, just use them with a light hand. 

For light skin tones: All pinks look great on you (like Angelika & Gaiety by Nars), reds, but stay away from anything coral because it can look orange on really really light skin tones (like Sex appeal by Nars). Apricots look good on you too but stay away from really peachy tones (like Deep throat by Nars). Use a light bronze (like Madly by Nars for reaaaaaaaaaaaally light skintones). If your skin is fair, pastels (like baby pinks and peaches) work best.

For medium skin tones (and Mediterranean) : Most colors work on you. Just don't choose really pale colors as blusher is supposed to brighten your skin tone not flatten it out. (Tared and Ablo by Nars). Bronzy shades (Oasis, Gilda And Taos by Nars).   Pink, Browny pinks, Reds, Fuchsia, Tawny, Apricot, Raspberry  (Like Dolce Vita and Seduction by Nars). If you have an olive complexion, try fuchsia and orangey tones.

Deep skin: Gold, Reds, Fuchsia, Deep Apricot, Burnt orange, and Deep raspberry. Using a blush with shimmer in it can make a huge difference when looking for extra dimension or if your skin gets ashy at times. Stay away from anything with purple shades. (Try Love joy,Taj Mahal, Dolce Vita,and Seduction by Nars). If your skin is dark, choose a coppery or golden shades.

Brands known best for their blushers:

Nars, M.A.C., NYX, Exhibit A, Sleek, Bourjois and Chanel.

Photos are compiled from Google and Maybelline's website.
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