Fashion Forecast for AW'13

Elegant, mini skirts, colored opaques, mid length skirts, hats, waist cut dresses, hippy, rock these were briefly the markdown of the 60's women fashion lines. No other decade offers such a dramatic conflict of styles and conflicting mores. That must be partly why they continue to fascinate us.           
Forcasting this Autumn/Winter '13 fashion trends, the Sixties will be picked over by a host of many designers this winter.

Photo by Jeanloup Sieff, 1967

Actually, Sixties influences never really go away. We're reaching a point where you could pretty much wear a touch of Sixties all the time and look current. A-line skirts, peacoats, ballet pumps, tunics, kitten heels, psychedelic Pucci-esque prints, optical and geometrical ones, minidresses, block colours, monochrome, flicky eyeliner and backcombing have all become style staples.

Minis in 1966

Swirly prints and brocades are a clever way to direct or distract attention from favourite/least favourite parts of your body. And if all else fails, don't forget the power of a few individual fake lashes. The X Factor's slap-it-on-with-a-spade school of make-up has done appalling injury to false eyelashes, but applied properly, they give eyes fabulous definition and a subtle upward lift, taking off years.
Model Donna Mitchell photographed by Ed Pfizenmaier, 1965

Until very recently, it was prohibitively expensive getting eyelash extensionsin a salon. Alternatively you can buy them for a few pounds in Boots and glue them in yourself. Best beauty investment of the season.
Now for A/W '13, It will be all about elegance. Remember our Egyptian fashion model icons Souad Hosney, Faten Hamama and many many more. Watch those 60's beautiful movies and imitate the trend!

Colored stockings, Waist-line dresses, Kitten heels, Fur coats, Hats, head scarfs, will all be back in trend.
1960's Ad for tights                                  

  Banana Republic's Mad Men collection Photo Greg Kessler

Mademoiselle Magazine, May 1966
Twiggy, 1967
                                             Vogue September 1962                                          vogue_67_23

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