Bourjois: Rendez-vous à Paris !

So Laque Glossy Nail Enamel



"Rendez vous à Paris", the new nail collection by Bourjois:

-      A brand new collection of varnishes enriched with vinyl for extreme brilliance and

-      An "Easy Nail Art" kit for accessible and easy effects


So Laque Nail Enamels have become an essential fashion accessory and now take on a new "Glossy" look. Nail art is featured in the most stylish Spring 2013 nail polish collection, Rendez-vous à Paris.

Visit the finest districts of the city through new, so glossy, so fashion, so Paris colours!

8 shades anchored in a chic and colourful Parisian world

Featured at the heart of Spring 2013 trends, the 8 “it-colours” of Rendez-vous à Paris come to life worn as a duo: a soft shade is offset by a punchier second colour, for a playful result!

Guided tour of the Paris you have never seen before!


Stroll through Bagatelle, with Oh So Rose and Prepp’hibiscus 

A spring harmony that offers an ode to flowers. The softness of a pastel rose combined with the vibrations of a bright and radiant pink-red.

-          Oh So Rose: a touch of Brit chic for a light and soft pale pink.

-          Prepp’hibiscus: inspired by hibiscus flower, an ultra-radiant and very preppy red with touches of coral.


Exhibition in St Germain des Prés, with BCBeigé and Amande Défilé 

The artiest of harmonies.  Play with contrasts and the daring combination of gentle nude and this seasons take on green

-          BCBeigé: an elegant grey-beige, a true neutral.

-          Amande Défilé: minty green with fluorescent accents.


Shopping on Avenue Montaigne, with Taupe Modèle and Adora-bleu

French chic steals the show with two very Parisian shades: a taupe grey meets a spring blue for a contrasting combination.

-          Taupe Modèle: the taupe grey beloved of all runways! With its violet tones, it’s the most elegant in its category.

-          Adora-bleu: a bright bleached blue for very cute pastel nails.


Brunch on the Champs-Elysées, with Coton sur ton and Peach and love 

Treat yourself to a gourmet break with a soft and sweet harmony: a bright pink coral dances with a very gentle pink white.

-          Coton sur ton: a nude, extremely bleached pink, as soft and as comforting as cotton wool.

-          Peach and love: a pinky peach with 1970s psychedelic accents.


A Glossy formula 

So Laque nail enamels; new ultra-resistant glossy versions.

So glossy… 

The So Laque Glossy nail enamel formula is enriched with vinyl to produce a mirror effect shine.

So long...

With their anti-chipping resin, they guarantee record-breaking hold, for up to 10 days*!



So Laque Glossy enamels are dressed with a lid mirroring the enamel's shade for an easy, on the spot colour choice!

*Efficacy test on 30 volunteers

Result obtained on the 10 best volunteers: 10 days

Result obtained on 30 volunteers: 9 days


Easy Nail Art

Because Paris and art are inseparable, Rendez-vous à Paris had to feature some nail art!

The So Laque Glossy nail enamel collection is completed by a new Easy Nail Art kit: fashionable, chic and accessible nail art for all to create!


Indispensable for a fashion look right to the very tips of your fingernails, the kit has been developed in partnership with the Parisian nail art blogger star, Pshiiit**. As simple as child's play, it is ideal for original and graphic manicures in record time!



122 choices of nail art fun!

-          1 sheet of 92 black stickers: small bows, cat heads, stars and swallows for a playful effect.

-          1 sheet of 30 stencils: with these you can create small coloured stars (10 stencils), the now cult triangular manicures (10 stencils) and other very precise graphic manicures (10 stencils)!

-          1 reel of silver thread - 7 mm in diameter - to customise and give a sophisticated touch to your coloured manicures.


Bourjois tip: add a coat of So Perfect Top Coat to smooth your stickers over your nail enamel!



Find inspiration on the packet of the Easy Nail Art kit:

-          on the front, photos of manicures by Parisian blogger Pschiiit.

-          on the back,  a clear step-by-step presentation for easy nail art every time. Three other tutorials will be available on the website


Price of So Laque So Glossy nailpolish: AED 39

Price of Nail Art Kit : AED 51

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  1. Nail art designs are nice, after seeing this article I got the idea interesting nail designs. Thank you and nice to meet you :)


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