MK: An interview with Jewlery Designer Menna Khalil

Unique, sparkely, and passionate – three words that when left alone do not hold much significance, but place them in front of a name like Menna Khalil and their vibrancy becomes apparent. A collective of design talent, I got the chance to talk to Menna Khalil about how all her creative juices flow together so well and learn just why precious materials are at the heart of what she does.

Hello – firstly can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

My name is Menna Khalil. I'm 27 years old and living in Heliopolis. I studied English Literature in Ain Shams University in addition to a few other studies in Fine Arts as I had a passion for painting. Currently I'm an arising Fashion/Jewlery designer.

What do you love to do in your free time?

I love reading, traveling, writing, learning new languages, diving, and camping whenever I get the chance to do so.

Your jewelry is quite exquisite. You take something that might have been lying around, gathering dust in someone’s drawer or jewelry box for years, and turn it into a work of art. Do you remember what the first piece that you made was?

Since I was a little girl, I used to sew dresses for my dolls & accessorize myself and my friends. Its only in the past five years that I took jewlery seriously.

Where do you get the inspirations behind your designs?

Mostly nature. Most of the themes, colors & material are taken from nature, sea and mountains. I also get inspired by royal courts, fairy tales & while I'm diving under the sea. I also have something for vintage pieces. I love taking bits & pieces from native American, Roman, Gothic jewlery, and any form of art in different schools and add my flavor to it.

How about your role model, your muse for inspiration?

I don't have a role model per se, but I admire others work of art such as Azza Fahmy & her history & how she narrates heritage through pieces of jewlery. Nobody inspired me as much as I was inspired by my surroundings & beauty in nature itself, an experience in my life & anything that touches me triggers my inspiration & creativity.

What is next for you, Menna?

I have already learnt pattron making & different techniques in sewing & silver-smithing. Moreover, I'm considering traveling & attending any fashion course in Italy, since I'm learning the Italian language. I want to embrace the Italian art.

 And what is next for MK?

Currently, I'm displaying my jewlery in exhibitions, and hopefully in the near furture I will be displaying my brand in one of Egypt's well-known galleries. As for my store, I expect it to open in two years from now.

If our readers would like to checkout your collection, how can they find it?

Right now, they can checkout my collection on my Facebook fanpage , but soon, as I have mentioned, I will be updating you of the name of the gallery where I will be displaying on my fanpage.
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