Lush: March Brand of the month/ HUGE Haul

Lush, the vegan cruelty free brand, were generous enough to send me some of their products today. It was a big package actually that I don't know where to start.

Easter Egg limited edition Hunt Soap bar

Just break/cut a small piece of the bar and you won't have to worry about the rest. Wash your hands with this soft, slippery soap and get the best scent on your hands. This soap lathers quickly and you won't have to worry about dry hands anymore with this vegan product.

Bubble bath The Mum reusable bubble bar wands

The perfect gift for mother's day. Pamper your mom with the Mum's Tulip & the Mum flower. All she has to do is fill a bath tub and put her wand under running water, and watch the magic. The scent is beautiful and I found the bubbles came easy as I swished this around my tub. When you have created the amount of bubbles you need, set aside your wand so it will be ready for next pampering session. I think it will last for 6 or 7 times.

Fair Trade Shampoo

Okey, I'm not exaggerating here, but litereary, I was pouring honey over my head! This is, by far, the BEST shampoo I have ever used! This product is made up of Beeswax, absolute is extracted from the wax by solvent extraction. It is golden brown in colour and has a sweet, honey-like aroma. It lathers up really well and made my hair so soft & shiney and alive. It also treated my dry hair that I didn't believe the results. I have never, ever, showered with only using shampoo, as I always use conditioner. This product has helped my hair to become alive. It is a MUST HAVE, and suits all hair types. I would defintely need to stock up on this and would never, ever, replace it. I need a large bottle, soon, like right now!

Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner

I love this conditioner, although I think of it as more of a hair perfume than a conditioner and I needed to apply a leave in serum with it, yet it wasn't bad for my dyed, chemically treated, dry hair at all. Its extremely scented with a Jasmine-like smell  that lasted two whole days on my hair ( I don't know if It had lasted longe,r I just wash my hair every other day). It's hard to say exactly how the conditioning part of this works because I applied a leavin-in condition after it. The thing is I have a lot of hair, and I didn't want to waste the pretty smell on so much conditioning. When I did so the first time and applied it on its own, the scent was too strong for my nose that it awakened my senses and made me really alert. However, I do not see it as a rich or ultra moisturizing conditioner. I just wish it had silicone or keratin components in it.

That was for the shower & bath line. They have many other lines, amongst it skincare, & cosmetics. What I love best about their cosmetic line, Emotional Brilliance, is each color or shade has an encouraging positive adjective or phrase.

These were the products I tested from the cosmetic line Emotional Brilliance:

Eyes Right Mascara
The mascara's brush is really good. It has thick bristles that gave length to my lashes. Also it has high pigmentation, the black color is really black that added thickness to my lashes. The only downside to it is the short wand, I managed to apply, it wasn't a big deal, however I would have managed better if the wand was longer. Yet, you can get an extra longer wand from their store. The mascara has fresh wheatgrass ingredient to condition your lashes without irritating it, which makes it the best product for senstive eyes. The product flaked a little by the end of the day but it lasted for 7 hours without smuding or anything. Another good thing is it only has 1 preservative instead of the usual 5 you find in any mascara brand (some actually you find more). Other than the short wand, I LOVEEE it.

Ambition Liquid lipstick
It's like 20's red! That color didn't suit me much, I think it would suit someone with a paler/porcelain skintone, while I'm an ivory beige NC20. It is extremely pigmented, has high staying power, more like a lip stain, yet it wasn't scented. It is moisturizing, yet, it didn't moisturize my lips enough. I think, for me, it is essential in any lip products to cure and avoid chappness. They have 12 other shades that I might want to try, like Charm, which is a baby pink color. The product has jojoba oil, candelilla wax & rose wax which takes care of your lip and doesn't harm it- Of course it won't, its a vegan product! :) . Easy application with its wand.

Success Eye Liner
A silver shine eyeliner with an included ink liner thin brush. Has a beautiful shine to it and great pigmentation. Again vegan with as many as 11 shades. Attention grabbing hues, catching your eyes ;)

Happiness Cream Eyeshadow
Vegan cream eyeshadow, very high pigmentation, unsmudgable, high staying power, and gentle & delicate on the skin. Consists of almond oil and capuacu butter. However, this shade doesn't suit me at all. It made me paler even with applying makeup. I guess this shade would look great on really fair skin,that needs a natural tint to their eyes, or too dark ebony skin that needs a hint of glow to their lid.

Charisma Skin Tint

A blend of golden colors to wear under your makeup to give you a warm glow. More like a fake tan but for your face and safe for your skin. Vegan as usual, this product is made from Oatmeal, orange flower water, almond oil & cocoa butter. It is not that pigmented and not dark, which I think is better so as not to look like a mask on your skin. If you want darker pigmentation all you have to do is layer more.

Emotion Brilliance Transluscent Face powder
Great face powder. If you are the kind of person who has uneven skintone, but hates foundation and only wears sunblock or moisturizer and take off, you will love this product. Even if you want to set your makeup, instead of using your regualar foundation you will absolutley love this. For some reason I hate transluscent powders because no one is of that color, and all it does is turn your face into a stupid ashy color that ruins everything. This powder, although its called transcluscent, it has a pink pigmentation to it, which I guess to counteract the ashiness that it may cause and evens out your skintone. It is superfine, supersoft, light-reflecting face powder which is suitable for all skin types. A plus to it is that you can use it on your eyelid if you have a greasy eye skin and your eye makeup always smudges, this will set it in place. The only downside to it is the small size of the pot that i cannot dip my powder brush into it, which causes a lot of shed and powder scattering around my table. I hope they solve this issue beacuse I'm defintely restocking.

**Lush can be found in UAE, UK, KSA, and USA

P.S. Did you know that if you bring Lush back 5 of their black pots (clean and empty) that you can have one of their fresh face masks for free? If you are part of a school/ art project/gardening project or anyone else that could make use of them then give them a call on 044583488 and they'll arrange to get them to you :)

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