L'Occitane skincare Haul

L'Occitane was generous enough to send me this skincare set to try out:

The set consisted of three products- Foot cream for dry skin, Hand cream for dry skin, Body Almond oil.
The packaging was really neat. The products were put in a box wrapped inside with paper and a stamp sticker with L'Occitane's tree logo. If I were to think of a gift to purchase from L'Occitane, I wouldn't worry about the wrapping.

The Foot cream is amazing. Since I don't have dry skin, I made my mom try it out to see if it really works and does what it is supposed to do or not, and it did. In 3 days my mom started to see a HUGE difference to her dry chapped feet, and she only used it once at night before going to bed, let alone if she used it twice or 3 times a day as advised! Can you imagine, 3 days to better skin and say goodbye to dry feet forever!

Hand Cream
Just apply this product on your hands and it will moisturize your hands ALL day, and maybe will last till the next day too. YES! I'm not kidding. I'm not trying to marketise for the brand and this post is not by any means sponsered. It's my own review. This product will be repurchased, maybe, as long as I may live, unless some other brand showed up with a product that would compete with their hand & foot creams.

Supple Skin Almond Oil

As promised by them, "the Supple Skin Oil works to protect the skin’s support tissue and fight against loss of elasticity. Deeply nourishing formula can be used to prevent the formation of stretch marks". Great to use after a bath. The bottle is so elegant and the cap makes it klutz proof so you dont accidentally waste oil.  The oil dries fast. In less than a week my knees are no longer dry, chapped or scaly from winter's harsh weather. It's very light and doesn't clog the pores.

**L'Occitane is available worlwide, and in Egypt too:) Its in the Mall of Arabia, Gate 3 , next to Faces.

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