Faces shares valuable beauty and skin tips

Women care about their skin and like to pamper their beauty; however, it can be very tricky to know exactly what habits to follow and which products are most suitable for our skin.

Not all women have the same taste in makeup, and many have different preferences when it comes to skincare routines. The products you would not leave the house without might not be the ones your friends would use. However, you need not worry about choosing adequate products, as Faces is sharing insights and tips about beauty, skin and how to pick out the best products.

Glow from within:  

We read promises like “light reflecting, line minimizing, shadow illuminating” on products every day; they are communicated to us on a regular basis to convince us of buying these products; but studies show that most women buy into these promises without even understanding what they mean. If you ask yourself what “light reflecting foundation” actually means, you will quickly realize that you like the sound of it, but have no idea about the mechanism and benefits of those products.

A lot of women tend to link light reflecting products with glitter, shimmer, or mother of pearl; however, that link isn’t accurate. Chemists have managed to blend tiny molecules and particles into cosmeceutical formulas that do not affect the feel or appearance of the product, be it a primer, a foundation or a serum. These particles happily sit on the outer layer of your skin, waiting for light to hit them from any angle; they absorb it and bounce it back off instantly. Result; your face is actually giving off light instead of absorbing it; adding to your complexion a glow and a healthy feel. 

Anything that shines with a glow tends to be very difficult to look at. That’s the whole idea behind infusing light reflecting particles with beauty products; once light is bouncing off your skin the appearance of the undesired details (fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores) are reduced drastically.

If you opt for a skincare or make up gift for your mom, make sure that the;

-          Moisturizers ( anti-wrinkle )

-          Serums

-          Eye creams

-          Make up primers

-          Foundations

-          Concealers

you choose are all infused with light reflecting particles to;

-       Give a very subtle and natural looking glow ( unlike products with shimmer and mother of pearl which do not suit mature skin very much )

-       Minimize appearance of fine lines around the eyes and lips

-       Minimize the appearance of enlarged pores




The damaging sun rays are responsible for more than 95 % of the wrinkles that show on our face as we age; which rays? What damage do they cause? We all hear that the best thing to do for your skin is to wear sunblock on a daily basis; but what products to look for?


There are two different types of sunrays that travel through space and make it all the way to our skin:


UVB rays, which we love soaking up to get a tan, can cause sunburns; we should wear sunblock to make sure our skin is not absorbing more than it needs.

UVA rays, the strongest, most destructive rays that reach our skin, travel through clothes, windows, clouds… Every day, all day, they reach our skin without us noticing.


UVA rays make it to the middle layer of our skin (the dermis) and break down the structure of collagen resulting in saggy skin and eventually wrinkles. They also mutilate the cells that are responsible for naturally producing collagen to maintain our skin’s elasticity leading to irreversible damage. Constant exposure to UVA rays can result in a combination of those rays with free oxygen radicals in the skin eventually leading to skin cancer.


All sunblock does is prevent your skin from getting burned; it will never provide you with the daily protection you need from UVA rays. Sun blocks are only capable of keeping UVBs from getting to your skin in large quantities, and if that’s what you are looking for you should be looking products with an SPF measurement.


UVA rays on the other hand need chemical barriers to prevent our dermis from soaking them up and falling a victim for collagen destruction; in that case you need to be looking for products labeled with PA+++ which means a product having sunscreen UVA protection properties.


Thankfully, we have today a lot of makeup products that come with UVA production such as primers, foundations, concealers, anti-wrinkle moisturizers, serums and even lipsticks.


Protect your skin from UVA rays by using products with UVA protection properties, and top that up with a glow from within from a range of products enhanced with light reflecting particles.

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