Mavala Value set

2 weeks ago I wen shoppin in Maadi City Center, and I passed by the cosmetic section in Center point where I wanted to shop for Mavala products.

I found this Value set that consists of a Nail polish remover, 2 nail polish, one base coat polish, and one top coat polish; all for 90 LE ONLY! Because I thought this was defo a bargain, knowing that the nail polish price vary between 30-40 LE, I bought it right away.

The nail polish remover is acetone free which doesn't harm your nail, and also nourish it with vitamins.

The base coat is a protective coat from the damaging effect of polish on your nails and increases the longetivity of the polish too.

The top coat seals the polish color on your nails and prevents chipping and fading and keeps your nail protecting from the harmful whether conditions.

The included 2 nails polishes is one in red 53 London & the other light french pink in 97 Witch.


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